Tom Holland's Favorite Spider-Man: Far From Home Suit Is Exactly What You'd Guess

Spider-Man in Stealth Suit in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Peter Parker is a bit of a clothes horse in the newest Spider-Man movie. Tom Holland's character has access to no less than four different Spider-Man costumes over the course of Far From Home. We see the Iron Spider costume from the previous Avengers films, the previous Tony Stark created suit from Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Nick Fury-provided Stealth Suit, and then the red and black costume Peter Parker himself creates with Tony Stark's tech.

Some of these suits were real, some of them were entirely CGI. Of all of them, it seems that fans were most excited to see the introduction of the Stealth Suit, and, as it turns out, that one was Tom Holland's favorite as well. Although, his reasons for it being his favorite are potentially slightly different than everybody else. He admits in the Blu-ray special features of Spider-Man: Far From Home that he loved how cool it looked, but he also loved how much more comfortable it was. According to Holland...

And then there's the Stealth Suit, which is my favorite suit. It's totally different. It was nice for me because it's totally different and totally fresh. It's much comfier than the spandex and it also looks pretty badass too.

While you always want to look cool, and thus the Stealth Suit's all black design was certainly a plus for Tom Holland, the thing that was potentially more important for him, was the suit's comfort, since he had to actually wear the thing. The other Spider-Man costumes have been the actual spandex that they appear to be, and Tom Holland, like many before him, have implied that the suits look much cooler than they feel.

Of course, that's when you get to actually wear a Spider-Man costume at all. Tom Holland's previous two outings as Spider-Man, in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, put him in the Iron Spider costume, which felt very different because it wasn't actually a suit. Instead Holland was outfitted with a motion capture rig and the suit was created digitally.

According to Costume Supervisor Graham Churchyard, Tom Holland was excited to be wearing pretty much anything else in Spider-Man Far From Home...

Our first fitting with Tom, he was super excited about putting on a real suit again having spent Infinity War in mo-cap pajamas.

One assumes that the black and red suit that Spider-Man finished up with in Far From Home is where Peter Parker will start the next time we see him. And we now know that we'll see him back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe once again. While things got dicey there for a second, a third Spider-Man movie is on the way, and Tom Holland's character will continue to appear in MCU movies, though exactly when and how is still up in the air.

There will almost certainly be many new costumes for Spider-Man in the future. I can't wait to see what Sony and Marvel come up with next.

Dirk Libbey
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