New Lady And The Tramp Trailer Features The Iconic Spaghetti Scene

Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene

The next big live-action Disney remake isn't coming to the big screen, but rather the small one. When Disney+ launches in just under a month, it will do so with Lady and the Tramp, an original live production of the Disney animated classic. To get people ready for the new film Disney released a new trailer last night, and it includes some of the film's most memorable moments. Including one involving a plate of spaghetti.

Even if you're not a massive fan of Lady and the Tramp, there are likely a few moments that you remember if you've ever seen it. Maybe it's the song 'He's a Tramp" which was performed by the great Peggy Lee in the original movie. We hear it here performed by Janelle Monae who will be taking over the role of Peg.

However, by far the moment that has helped Lady and the Tramp stand the test of time involves a romantic gesture with a meatball, and the remake has that moment. Check it out in the new trailer below.

While we briefly saw Lady and Tramp sitting in front of their plate of spaghetti in the first trailer, this second one gives us a bit more of the sequence, as well as a basic run down of the plot in case you don't recall it.

We also see a few other things you might remember from the first movie. We see the Siamese cats that will become an obstacle to Lady's comfortable life. Although, we know that their song from the animated film, "We are Siamese," which has not aged well, will not be featured.

Technically Lady and the Tramp looks quite impressive. The dogs are talking, and that in and of itself is quite a sight to see. The only question is if the new film will be able to overcome the problem that The Lion King recently had. While the animals were technically amazing, they looked so real that it was difficult to have them show any sort of emotion.

Lady and the Tramp does do things a little differently than The Lion King. While the latter film was entirely CGI, this movie actually uses real dogs to play the parts of the characters on screen. While this option is almost certainly cheaper, and thus the new Disney+ movie won't have quite as insane a budget, it's hard to tell if it will be more successful.

While Disney+ is going to be a high demand streaming service if only for its library of content, the new original movies and series are also going to draw in an audience. Lady and the Tramp may end up being the first thing a lot of people watch when Disney+ launches November 12.

Dirk Libbey
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