Janelle Monae Releases Video For Dance Apocalyptic

Janelle Monae usually goes all out for her music videos with new hairstyles and wild costumes, but she’s really outdid herself with “Dance Apocalyptic,” a brand new video in which the singer rocks out without her signature ‘do but with a huge fur coat and lots of rings on her fingers. There’s no tux to be seen this time either, and while Monae’s never been one to show off her body, getting a bit of a change-up from menswear the singer usually prefers is nice, too.

The video was directed by Wendy Morgan and is supposedly part of a longer film with an actual storyline also called “The Dance Apocalyptic.” Partially through the lively dance track, the video cuts to Monae playing a sensible newscaster who announces that the world is nearing its end, with fires in New York and plagues of locusts and zombies abounding in other areas. This doesn’t seem to bother the dancers, who give it their all as the pop star Monae continues to sing her catchy tune.


Monae’s been busy prepping for her newest album endeavor for a while. Her sophomore endeavor, The Electric Lady, is set to hit stores on September 10. According to the Huffington Post, the 27-year-old has already worked out a deal with Target to help promote the new album and get it from the shelves into homes. Additionally, she’s been a busy bee when it comes to putting together music videos for her singles. Besides “Dance Apocalyptic,” we’ve also gotten a look at “Q.U.E.E.N.”, the sassy first single off of The Electric Lady, featuring Erykah Badu.

The video is a little more graphic and oddball than the one the singer released Tuesday, but there are still plenty of reasons to enjoy “The Dance Apocalyptic.” The lyrics are catchy and vivid, with a throwback chorus employing the use of “bang bang, cha-langa-langa-lang,” making the whole thing seem like a fun afternoon party when the singer is really crooning about the end of the world and how people would react when shit hits the fan.

Overall, it’s a fun little track, one you will be able to hear more of in the coming months, reportedly thanks to another lucrative deal with Cover Girl. Fans can pre-order The Electric Lady over at iTunes (opens in new tab).

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