Halloween Kills Set Photo Offers First Glimpse Of The Sequel

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween (2018)

The horror genre has been in a renaissance the past few years, with plenty of new and exciting projects hitting theaters. Blumhouse Productions has had its hands in some of the most recent modern classics, including 2018's Halloween. The acclaimed movie was a direct sequel to John Carpenter's original movie, catching up with Laurie Strode 40 years after she was attacked by Michael Myers. Two more movies are on the way, starting with Halloween Kills next year. David Gordon Green's return to the franchise is currently filming, and a set photo reveals the first look at that highly anticipated slasher.

Jason Blum is the man behind Blumhouse Productions, working as a producer on a variety of projects. He's currently helping on the set of Halloween Kills, and shared the perfect first image of the upcoming sequel: someone wielding a kitchen knife. Check it out below.

Looks like somebody might be meeting the pointy end of a knife in that first image. It's currently unclear who is wielding the weapon, although any number of Haddonfield residents might want to arm up when Michael Myers returns for another rampage.

This new image comes to us from Jason Blum's personal Twitter. The filmmaker regularly uses social media to directly communicate with the fans, while also hyping up whatever new release is currently in production/theaters. Halloween was a major win for the studio, as it was a critical success that broke records when it hit theaters. And considering the movie was made on such a minimal budget, the box offices success was all the more significant.

The image of Halloween Kills that Jason Blum shared is purposefully vague, but teases the high stakes and knife-filled drama of the upcoming horror sequel. The footage doesn't appear to be any of the Strode women, as the forearm looks a bit more bulky and manly. As such, it might belong to Michael Myers himself, or one of the new characters that will be making their debut in the second movie in David Gordon Green's planned trilogy.

Halloween Kills looks like it's going to be intimately connected to John Carpenter's original movie, perhaps more than the 2018 sequel was. Plenty of characters from the 1978 classic are popping back up in the slasher, some of which will be played by their original actors. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards will be back playing Lindsey Wallace, while Anthony Michael Hall will play an adult Tommy Doyle. What's more, original stars Charles Cyphers and Nancy Stephens will be reprising their roles as Leigh Brackett and Marion Chambers respectively.

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It should be interesting to see how the story continues to expand, and how Haddonfield is recovering from Michael Myers' return. The Shape killed a whopping 16 people throughout the course of 2018's Halloween, acting as an agent of chaos before focusing Laurie Strode and her family. While Laurie's trauma related to Michael was fleshed out in the first movie, the sequel should give the perspective of the rest of the survivors.

Laurie's relationship to her daughter and granddaughter should also be affected by the events of the last movie. Judy Greer's Karen was seriously affected by Laurie's trauma growing up, but her mother was right in the end. Her preparedness got the women out alive, although Karen lost her husband. Meanwhile, Allyson is the same age her grandmother was when Michael, attacked making them all the more linked.

Halloween Kills will arrive in theaters on October 16, 2020. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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