Josh Gad Has Already Seen Frozen II And He's Getting Us Hyped

Olaf trekking through an enchanted forest

Fans have awaited it, parents, who have heard the soundtrack umpteen times and stood in line for hours to meet Anna and Elsa at Disney parks have dreaded it, and now, after six years, Frozen II is nearly upon us. General audiences will have to wait another couple of weeks for the animated sequel, but star Josh Gad, who voices Olaf in the film, has already seen Frozen II and as if we needed it, the actor’s thoughts are getting us hyped. Josh Gad said:

Took my girls to see #frozen2 for the first time and their minds were blown. So many questions today but of all my favorites was “when can we see it again?” Cannot wait for you all to see this movie and see the stunning work by @DisneyAnimation

Leave it to the guy who plays the snowman to add fuel to the already raging fire of hype and anticipation for this movie. Josh Gad’s testament to the quality of Frozen II isn’t just based on his own opinion, but on the opinions of his two young daughters, who he took with him to see the new film. And by the sound of things, they were big fans.

Although Walt Disney Animation movies, as well as those from Pixar, tend to work for kids and adults, children and especially young girls are arguably Frozen II’s target audience. According to Josh Gad, his daughter’s minds were blown by Frozen II. It’s not a large sample size, but I imagine we will see their experience echoed by the countless kids and families that flock to theaters when this movie releases.

As Josh Gad relayed on Twitter, his daughters had tons of questions about the sequel, but the big one was “when can wee see it again?” Repeat viewing is a great measure of a movie’s appeal and if Josh Gad’s kids are any indication, like the first Frozen, Frozen II will have audiences wanting to see it over and over again.

Even if you don’t trust the opinions of a couple of kids, Josh Gad’s daughters aren’t the only ones whose minds were blown by Frozen II. Jonathan Groff, who voices Kristoff in the film, has also seen Frozen II and called it “Earth-shatteringly great.” His mind also seemed a bit blown as he struggled to put his feelings about the sequel into words.

In addition to talking about his daughters’ experience, Josh Gad also offered his own praise of Frozen II, lauding the stunning work by Walt Disney Animation Studios. You don’t even have to have seen Frozen II to know that he’s right on the money there. All you have to do is watch any of the trailers to see that Frozen II looks positively gorgeous.

This all adds up to a fever pitch level of hype for Frozen II and it looks like Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee’s sequel may actually be able to deliver. While the creative success of the film won’t be judged until it screens for critics and wider audiences get a look at it, Frozen II is already looking like it will benefit from years of hype at the box office.

Frozen II is poised to outdo its predecessor and possibly hit $100 million in its opening weekend. That forecast actually seems a bit low to me but regardless, Frozen II is going to be huge.

Frozen II opens on November 22. Check out our guide to see the other big holiday movies hitting theaters around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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