Frozen II Has A Post-Credits Scene With A Callback To The First Movie

Olaf has experienced fall in Frozen II

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We’re about to get into some spoilers for Disney’s long-awaited animated movie Frozen II. To explain the end-credits scene, I first need to explain a moment from the movie. So, seriously, if you don’t want to be spoiled, please check out one of our other lovely articles.

It’s becoming more and more common for movies to offer mid-credits, end-credits, or post-credits scenes and Frozen II is no exception. Like some other Disney movies before it -- Ralph Breaks The Internet comes to mind – the movie offers an extra scene for fans that’s the right level of fun for both adults and kids.

If you were hoping for a big Disney animated universe tie-in, however, you may be disappointed to learn the House of Mouse is not teasing Frozen 3 with this last scene. In fact, the post-credits scenes is just more of a fun extra for the fanbase; luckily, it does tie in to both the sequel and the original movies and that at least is definitely worth talking about.

What Happens In Frozen II And How It Ties Into The Post-Credits Scene

Again, I wasn’t joking about the spoilers. One of the funniest moments in Frozen II involves Josh Gad’s Olaf. It comes after, he, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Sven head into the enchanted forest after Elsa starts hearing a voice coming from that direction. They end up getting trapped in the forest, where they encounter former Arendelle soldiers (including the one played by This Is Us’ Sterling K. Brown) and a group of native people known as the Northuldra. These people have been stuck in the enchanted forest for a while and are out of the loop about Arendelle, Elsa's powers and plenty of other stuff the audience already knows.

Whilst there, Olaf has some ‘splaining’ to do. In fact, he has to explain how he’s a magical talking snowman to these strangers they have just met in the enchanted forest and how Elsa has magic she is able to use, despite being from Arendelle where -- as the Harry Potter Universe Americans call it -- people are most definitely no-maj. He does so through a hilarious montage scene where he recaps the events that went down during Frozen. This includes a joke about Anna and Elsa’s parents dying that is aimed more at the adults in the theater. The rest of the montage should hopefully be funny for a wide swath of audiences though.

Later, during the post-credits scene, this joke is brought back up, only this time Olaf isn’t talking to the Northuldra clan. Instead, he’s explaining how some of Elsa’s other creations came to life to some of her other actual creations. This is where the Frozen tie-in is really worked into the movie, although it's worth pointing out the entire plot of Frozen II builds on things we have learned about Elsa and Anna, their parents, and the kingdom of Arendelle during Frozen. So, I'm certainly not trying to argue the bit after the end credits is the only time the movie strives to do this. It is a fun Easter egg for fans, however. And we know how fond Disney movies are of Easter eggs.

snowgies 2019

Frozen II’s Post-Credits Scene Is Also A Nice Callback To 2013’s Frozen And 'Frozen Fever'

Not only is Frozen II’s big end credits scene a nice callback to a joke made during the actual events of the frosty sequel, it also brings in another snowman who came to life – that of the giant snow monster named Marshmallow and the little snowmallow babies that now live with him. We know Marshmallow from the original animated film, but the snow-babies are actually from "Frozen Fever," the short film about Elsa's epic sneezing day.

In "Frozen Fever," Elsa literally can't stop sneezing and each time she sneezes she brings a snowbaby, known as a "snowgie" into the universe. Although adorable by nature, they are also mischief-filled creatures and are ultimately sent off to the snow palace to hang out with Marshmallow. Still, it's a nice callback to bring them into a scene with Olaf recapping how things have happened in a humorous manner, thus calling back to other franchise projects as well as the successful joke that occurs earlier in Frozen II.

Considering this is one of the funniest moments in the movie, I’m glad it was brought back in as a post-credits joke. I’m also happy to learn Marshmallow is still hanging out in the Frozen universe.

A Final Note On Frozen II’s Post-Credits Scene

Look, you have to get through a lot of credits before you get to the post-credits scene. As much as I’m sure your family loves Olaf, if you have screaming children, hungry children, or probably the most likely scenario of children who need to pee, I totally understand if you don’t stick around for the extra animated bit. I will point out though that Disney always brings in the babies that were born during the time the movie was in production, so that's a fun bit as well, if your kids can manage to sit through it.

The good news is, even if they can't, you’ll be able to see the extra scene streaming on Disney+ at some point anyway, and you can re-watch Frozen via the platform already ("Frozen Fever" is still on Netflix). If you haven’t purchased Disney+ yet, the company is still offering a free 7-day trial, although we understand if you want to wait until your kids can scream out the lyrics to “Into the Unknown” over. And over. And over again.

Frozen can be seen in theaters now, and it's coming just ahead of the Thanksgiving rush next week. Be sure to take a look at what else is coming to theaters over the next few weeks with our exciting holiday schedule.

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