Frozen II’s Kristen Bell Wants To Rescue Anna And Elsa From Disneyland

Anna and Elsa in Frozen II
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Spoilers ahead for Frozen II

Part of the magic of visiting Disney Parks is going to meet and greets with the iconic characters. Whether guests stand in line to see a few Disney princesses or notorious villians, they each converse to you completely in character with lines absent of reality beyond fairytales and galaxies far, far away. After Frozen II actress Kristen Bell visited Anna and Elsa with her kids, she was a bit concerned about whether the Disney princesses needed rescuing. Here’s what happened:

So, I go up, and we're taking a picture. And I'm like, ‘Hi, how are ya?' And she's like, ‘Arendelle is beautiful today.' And I'm like, ‘Okay, she's…Alright, I'll ask Elsa.' And I'm like, 'How are you doing?' And she's like, ‘The ice has just melted and Olaf is thrilled with the summer weather.' And I'm like—all I want to do is go, 'Blink twice if you need to be rescued because this is crazy.'

Well, this is hilarious. Kristen Bell joked about how the Frozen princesses at Disneyland are not allowed to break out of character while their on the clock. No matter what she said, even considering she’s literally the voice of Anna – they were off in their own worlds talking about Arendelle and Olaf.

While on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kristen Bell talked about weird the experience is as an adult to converse with the Disney Princesses. But for the kids who visit them, they love seeing their favorite characters come to life right in front of them. t’s supposed to feel like a fairytale! The two talked about ‘weird’ it is going with their kids knowing the ruse, especially taking a jab at Snow White kind of having a creepy laugh.

In tandem with Frozen II recently hitting theaters, Anna and Elsa have just been given new costumes at Disney Parks. Take a look:

Yes, it’s a bit spoiler-y to what the two sisters wear at the end of the film, but they’re really beautiful upgrades to the characters at Disney Parks. Elsa has a white dress and her hair down instead of wearing her iconic “Let it Go” dress and side braid. Anna on the other hand has a more distinguished outfit fit for a queen. Her hair is up after many years in two side-by-side braids and her pink and blue winter gear.

Considering how successful Frozen II is at the box office so far in its first week alone, it won’t be long before everyone lining up at Disney Parks starts asking the two princesses questions about their lives following the new movie. Frozen II has already racked up $371 million worldwide in less than a week and heading into Thanksgiving weekend coming up.

In Frozen II, Anna and Elsa go on a new adventure together (with Olaf, Kristoff and Sven along with them) that leads them to learn about Arendelle’s past and Elsa’s icy powers. Check it out in theaters now!

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