One Funny Frozen II Scene That Was Actually Improv, According To Josh Gad

Olaf in Frozen II

The following contains minor spoilers for Frozen II**.**

Animated movies are very different animals than their live-action counterparts. Beyond simply the fact that they are drawn, animated movies take years longer to put together. Stories go through numerous iterations over the course of a project, long before any actual animation is created.

By the time the voice actors are brought in to record dialogue, an animated film is in something approximating its final form, the director and producers know what the movie is going to be. But that doesn't mean the actors can't still add something of their own flare to it.

It turns out that one of the funniest bits of Frozen II was actually improve done by Josh Gad. The actor posted a clip from Frozen II to his Twitter which shows the scene leading into Olaf's big song "When I Am Older," and apparently, the whole thing was created by Gad. Check out the scene below.

In Frozen II, shortly after Anna, Elsa, and friends enter the enchanted forest, Olaf gets separated from the group. He calls out for his friends, as well as somebody named Samantha, which then causes him to break out laughing when he realizes he doesn't actually know anybody by that name. He then begins to experience the strange happenings in the forest, which begin to freak him out, though he is confident that things aren't as strange as they appear, it must just be because he's so young that it seems that way.

It's a great bit that leads into a great song and it's awesome that Josh Gad was given the freedom to improvise his lines within the film. The "Samantha?" bit is hilarious for reasons that are difficult to explain, but I'm so glad it's there.

Of course, this sort of a sequence is one that lends itself well to the improv of Josh Gad. Voice acting is always done before animation, so the animators can draw whatever they need to, and this is strictly a gag sequence that doesn't impact the rest of the film in any major way.

I'm not the only one that thinks Olaf is especially hilarious here. Josh Gad's Frozen II co-star Evan Rachel Wood responds to the actor that this sequence from the film has become endlessly quotable in her house, while apparently Wood's song in the film "All is Found" is getting the 'Let it Go" endless treatment at the Gad home.

Frozen II may not be getting quite as many great reviews as the first one did, but it's having no issues at the box office. The film has already brought in about three quarters of a billion dollars at the global box office and it's been out for barely more than a week. It looks like Disney is on its way to its sixth billion dollar blockbuster of the year.

Dirk Libbey
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