Frozen II's Josh Gad Is Emotional About Possibly Saying Goodbye To Olaf

Olaf and Elsa in Frozen II

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After years of waiting, Frozen II has finally hit theaters. The Disney animated blockbuster is currently breaking records at the box office, as fans clamored to screenings in order to catch up with Elsa, Anna, and the rest of Arendelle. This includes Josh Gad's Olaf, who was a scene stealer in the original movie, as well as the shorts that followed Frozen's release. But now Gad is getting very emotional about the possibility of saying goodbye to the talking snowman that captured our hearts.

Josh Gad became a household name for playing Olaf in Frozen, and his appearance in the sequel gave Tony Award nominee the chance to sing a new song, and move his signature character forward. It's currently unclear if the franchise will get a threequel, especially after Frozen II wrapped up its story in such a neat bow. The idea of ending his tenure as Olaf is an emotional one, with Gad taking to social media to express his feelings. Check it out.

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Well, that's classy. Josh Gad doesn't know what the future holds for Olaf, but if Frozen II was his swan song then the actor is still grateful. And he wanted to reach out directly to the fans in response to the sequel's release.

Josh Gad's tweet is sure to make some Disney fans distressed. Because if Josh Gad is saying goodbye to Olaf, then that means the character will be off of screen for the public as well. The talking snowman is the undisputed scene stealer of the franchise, with both his dialogue and songs cracking audiences up. Olaf also appeared in a few Frozen shorts, with Gad voicing the character for a total of four projects or Disney. But will Frozen II truly be the final bow?

Given how Frozen has dominated the pop culture landscape for years, there would presumably be an audience for a third film. After all, Frozen II dominated the box offie during its opening weekend, eclipsing the other new releases like A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. The film industry is ultimately about making money, so continuing the franchise would likely pay off for the House of Mouse.

Then again, the filmmakers and cast of Frozen might not want to continue the franchise indefinitely. Writer/director Jennifer Lee has been methodical in her process, journaling as the characters for years before developing the story for the sequel. Additionally, Frozen II actor Alfred Molina recently suggested that a threequel wasn't going to happen. And he's presumably got inside information regarding the animated musical franchise.

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Of course, Disney likely hasn't made a final decision about Frozen's future. Josh Gad's tweet seem to indicate that the call hasn't been made, as he's unsure whether or not Frozen II will be his final performance as Olaf. Disney doesn't typically produce animated blockbuster sequels for the theater, so Frozen II was already breaking new ground. As such, it's anyone's guess regarding whether or not another sequel could be coming down the pipeline.

For now, the focus will be on the events of Frozen II, and it's performance in theaters. The original Frozen is also available to stream on Disney+. You can use this link for 7-day free trial.

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