Free Guy Official Trailer Reveals Ryan Reynolds' Crazy Video Game Movie

Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy trailer
(Image credit: 20th Century Fox)

When Ryan Reynolds isn't busy maximizing controversial commercials for his own business, he's making crazy fun movies like Free Guy. Free Guy just released its official trailer and it's a sweet, sweet fantasy, baby. Check it out:

Game on, indeed! In the adventure comedy Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds' bank teller discovers he is actually a background player in an open-world video game. He decides to become the hero of his own story, one he rewrites himself. Now in a world where there are no limits, he is determined to be the guy who saves his world his way -- before it is too late.

Free Guy co-stars Killing Eve's Jodie Comer, Stranger Things' Joe Keery, and Taika Waititi, who co-starred with Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern, although they have both tried to deny that.

The Free Guy trailer debuted at CCXP in Brazil -- where we just got that first Wonder Woman 1984 trailer tease -- and director Shawn Levy was joined by Ryan Reynolds and Joe Keery to talk about the film.

Shawn Levy called Free Guy a superhero origin story without the lights, powers, or pre-existing IP. He added (via Deadline), "It’s not just spectacle — it’s very much connected to the characters. It’s the rise of an idealist in a world that is very cynical and dark."

Ryan Reynolds called Free Guy "a modern-day Back to the Future for this generation" and gave the film the highest praise a star can give:

Free Guy is the best experience I ever had.

Better than Deadpool! (Even though he took over that franchise, which seems fair but wasn't really appreciated by Tim Miller.)

Joe Keery talked about playing the character of video game company employee Keys:

He’s a character with a beautiful arc. He is on the sidelines not actively living their life.

Joe Keery added Free Guy is about taking control of your own life to get what you want. Also on Saturday, December 7, 20th Century Fox released a great new poster for Free Guy:

Ryan Reynolds official Free Guy movie poster 20th Century Fox

(Image credit: 20th Century Fox)

Free Guy opens in theaters July 3, 2020. Ryan Reynolds has had quite a busy 2019 and he's not done yet. His year started with Detective Pikachu and continued with that Hobbs & Shaw cameo, plus 6 Underground, which is coming to Netflix on December 13. In addition to Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds' 2020 should also see the release of his sequel The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard. Keep up with everything heading to the big screen next year with our 2020 movie release date schedule.

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