Zack Snyder Dropped A Black-Suit Superman Photo And Justice League Fans Are Freaking Out

Henry Cavill as Superman

Zack Snyder has been teasing DC fans about what they can expect to find in his version of Justice League, affectionately known as The Snyder Cut. Using his preferred social media tool Vero, Snyder has shown new looks at various JL heroes, an alternate ending, and so much more. None of them top this.

There has been debate about whether we would see Superman (Henry Cavill) in the black suit that appeared in the DC comics in the famed “Death of Superman” storyline. Well, the debate is now over.

Black Suit Superman

The “Black Suit” (also known as the Recovery Suit) surfaced when Kal-El returned from the dead in the classic “Death of Superman” storyline, from which Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman drew. In that story, Doomsday kills Superman, though later, multiple Superman jockey for his position in Metropolis. It concludes with a figure emerging from the Kryptonian Regeneration Matrix, wearing a black-and-silver version of the classic Superman suit.

Justice League fans had deduced that Henry Cavill would wear the black suit at some point in Justice League. In fact, in a deleted scene that ended up on the Justice League Blu-ray, Cavill walks past the black suit before eventually emerging in his classic duds.

On Vero, in the comments section, Zack Snyder confirmed to followers that Henry Cavill would have worn this suit for the entirety of the movie, even in the third act battle. And he reveals that his Superman would have embarked on a journey to earn back the blue suit in the subsequent movies.

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As you might assume, fans are losing their minds. Most of the members of the Release The Snyder Cut movement are upset that Warner Bros. and DC had this version of the film, and chose instead to go with the digitally altered Superman that we were left with in the theatrical cut.

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And Snyder is having a field day in the comments on Vero, confirming to fans that Clark Kent, in his version, would go BACK to the black suit in that deleted scene, and that Green Lantern would have been in his version of the movie. So yeah, it has been a field day on Vero for supporters of the Release the Snyder Cut family.

What happens next? Who’s to say. Zack Snyder says in the Vero comments that this is what Superman will look like when we see HIS version of Justice League. But it remains a mystery when that will actually happen, and how. Limited theatrical run? HBO Max release? Time will tell.

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