What It’s Really Like To Work With Michael Bay, According To Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds, 6 Underground

Netflix has been making big moves over the past few years to transform from merely a platform on which to stream content to a true original-content contender. Their films are getting their fair share of award nominations and big-name filmmakers like Martin Scorcese and Noah Baumbach are releasing their projects on the platform in lieu of traditional theater wide-releases. Last week, Michael Bay released his latest film, 6 Underground starring Ryan Reynolds and a cast of killers on the streaming giant as well.

The film has been described as “peak Michael Bay” by the film’s lead, but that’s not all this star-studded cast had to say about working with the explosive director. Speaking at the Netflix Panel at CCXP in Brazil, Ryan Reynolds went on to describe what it’s like working with Michael Bay:

When you’re shooting with Michael Bay, you never know what’s going to happen. It’s sort of chaos. You never know what you’re going to get, but there’s a rhyme and reason to it all at the end. ... Most of Bay’s direction is just, ‘FASTER!’

Sounds like working with Michael Bay is more than just making sure you avoid the explosions. Ryan Reynolds has been hard at work promoting both the film and his own company, Aviation Gin, in hilarious ways. The actor also has multiple titles you can check out on streaming right now and tons of new projects in the works, including a Fantasy Comedy with John Krasinski and his “favorite movie that he’s ever made”, which says a lot coming from the guy who made Deadpool.

Part of the promotion for 6 Underground included a Netflix junket in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I sat down with the cast to talk about their experiences on set and asked Reynolds what it’s like to develop characters in a Michael Bay film:

I usually have a pretty clear backstory before I show up to work, but then you’ve created this backstory and then Michael Bay will just be like, ‘NO, you’re an orphan, GO!’ And you’re just like, ‘Wait, what?’ It’s all sort of thrown out the window, but that’s a good thing. Sometimes it’s good to sort of kill your darlings and surrender to a process you are unfamiliar with.

As the cast has claimed and the trailers confirm, this film is action-packed and even the training the cast went through to prepare for their roles was as intense as it gets. Let’s just hope they all recover for any potential sequels.

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6 Underground, or as star Ryan Reynolds jokingly calls it, "The Snyder Cut", is now available on Netflix. Whether you prefer to watch with an audience or from the comfort of your own couch, make sure to check out our 2020 Release Schedule or as you'll see below, you can get it on DVD, apparently.

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