Watch Ryan Reynolds Drive Through Italy In Netflix's 6 Underground Clip

Ryan Reynolds sticking his head out of a car window in 6 Underground

While there is a lot of talk right now about The Irishman and Marriage Story, those two prestige films aren’t the only big movies headed to Netflix before the end of the year. Michael Bay’s new globetrotting action flick 6 Underground hits the streaming service in December, and today we have a new look at the film. Watch Ryan Reynolds enjoy Italy's history, art and  architecture as he takes a leisurely drive through the country in the clip from 6 Underground below.

Yes, as you can see, much like how James Cameron alternates epic blockbusters with hanging out at the bottom of the ocean, director Michael Bay has decided to follow up Transformers: The Last Knight with a series of tourism videos promoting the history and culture of European cities. Seriously, you have to appreciate the faux tourism bit at the beginning of this clip and how well it plays into the footage that follows.

It plays exactly like a tourism video, with a lot of handheld shots, vast and sweeping cityscapes, canted close-ups, quaint locals practicing their craft, and, of course, a narrator talking about how magical it all is. But in case you forgot, this is a Michael Bay movie and there’s no time for any of that frivolity. There are things to blow up, damn it!

It’s a hilarious contrast when the gorgeous Alfa Romeo Giulia (Quadrifoglio trim, I imagine) bursts onto the scene. And if there was any doubt that Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick penned 6 Underground, Ryan Reynolds’ character even gives a little meta commentary about how out of place the dayglow green car is in the midst of the Italian architecture. That’s definitely not the right color for car chases and clandestine operations.

Ryan Reynolds' character’s commentary throughout the clip is absolutely hilarious as he actually acknowledges all the destruction that is going on. He’s clearly a big art lover too as he laments all the damage their chase is doing. We also get a classic Michael Bay slow-motion shot as Dave Franco’s driver attempts to avoid hitting a couple of puppies. That sort of cheekiness gives what looks to be a killer car chase a really unique and playful feel.

This clip actually works really well in my opinion. The first full trailer looked fun, but somewhat indistinguishable from any other comedic action movie, but this clip really shows 6 Underground’s personality. There’s a measuring contest joke, nuns getting run off of their bicycles and all manner of silliness. It’s a great blend of the Ryan Reynolds humor we know, with Michael Bay’s action sensibilities and at least as far as this clip goes, I think it works.

It’s still ridiculous of course. I mean do you really expect me to believe an Alfa Romeo was involved in a chase like that and didn’t break down halfway through? It’d be more likely to turn into a Transformer.

6 Underground debuts on Netflix, but sadly not in theaters, on December 13. Check out our 2019 Netflix Premiere Schedule to see what else is headed to the streaming service and stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest movie news.

Nick Evans

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