Mallrats 2 Is Coming Back With At Least These 5 Characters

It was just last week that director Kevin Smith hinted that he was developing a Mallrats 2, and while he has three movies lined up to film before working on that project, that hasn’t stopped him from starting to get a cast together. It seems the Jersey-born filmmaker wants the new feature to reunite a number of characters from the original, and he’s already locked in a number of stars to help him complete that dream.

But who exactly is on board so far? Here’s the quick run-down:

Silent Bob

Kevin Smith returning to the role of Silent Bob in Mallrats 2 is pretty much a no-brainer. After all, he’s going to be there shooting the damn thing, why not also reprise his classic, limited speaking role? Of course, Bob is really only half of a whole, which is why the sequel is also bringing back…


Mallrats 2 will be the first time we’ve seen Jason Mewes’ Jay in action since 2006’s Clerks II, but it seems he’s ready to throw on his beanie and commit petty crime once again. At this point we don’t know exactly how he will be involved in the sequel’s story, but I’m sure his antics alongside Silent Bob in the movie will be able to be categorized as "shenanigans."

Michael Rooker

Between his role on The Walking Dead and in Guardians of the Galaxy, Michael Rooker is more popular now than he’s ever been – but many of us will always remember him as the bald-headed, chocolate pretzel-loving Jared Svenning from Mallrats. His casting was confirmed last Friday along with Jay and one other notable name...

Stan Lee

Similar to his roles in various Marvel Comics movies, Stan Lee only had a limited cameo in the original Mallrats - but one can’t argue that he didn’t play an absolutely crucial role. After all, he was the one who ultimately convinced Brodie that he wanted to be with Rene. Presumably he will be back in Mallrats 2 to dispense more timely wisdom.

Shannen Doherty

This is the big casting news that spurred on this little rundown, as Kevin Smith confirmed on his notorious Twitter account today that Shannen Doherty is the fifth original cast members who will be back for Mallrats 2. She will be reprising her role as Rene, who we last saw as the bandleader of The Tonight Show.

The big question left hanging is: who are the remaining actors who Kevin Smith is working to bring back for Mallrats 2. Given Rene’s return, hopefully one of the names returning will be Jason Lee to reprise his role as Brodie Bruce – but who else? Jeremy London’s T.S. Quint would be an easy choice, given that he is the protagonist of the first movie. Claire Forlani’s Brandi Svenning would also make sense given that her dad is in the sequel. Hell, perhaps Smith is shooting for the big time and is hoping that he can get his buddy Ben Affleck to come back as Fashionable Male’s own Shannon Hamilton. Who do you want to see come back? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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