A Quiet Place 2: 5 Questions We Have After The First Trailer

The Quiet Place 2 Trailer

Paramount Pictures’ release of the Quiet Place 2 trailer started the year with a loud whisper. The trailer for the second movie has action, suspense, and talking—making us even more excited for The Quiet Place 2. Once again, under John Krasinski’s direction, we are anxious to see what happens to the Abbott family. He puts the family through hell during The Quiet Place, so we can only imagine what unfolds in The Quiet Place 2.

John Krasinski and team left many unanswered questions by the end of A Quiet Place, and the Quiet Place 2 trailer just gave us more questions. Now let’s take a deep dive into the mysteries of the Quiet Place 2 trailer, which took us on an adrenaline-filled, can’t-catch-your-breath, heart-beating-too-fast ride.

Emily Blunt driving in A Quiet Place 2

How Much of The Quiet Place 2 Takes Place In The Past?

The Quiet Place 2 trailer makes it clear that the sequel flashes back to the day it all began. We witness it first through Evelyn (Emily Blunt), Marcus (Noah Jupe), Regan (Millicent Simmonds), and Beau (Cade Woodward )’s perspectives. We watch Evelyn casually driving with the children, while many people run and scream, but then they see the monster and Evelyn becomes a less cautious driver. The family then tries to navigate their way out of the madness while also trying to find Lee (John Krasinski).

Clearly, we know that they all manage to escape the insane ordeal, at least until day 89, but others humans aren’t so lucky and it appears Cillian Murphy’s character’s family might be among the unfortunate victims. Based on how things appear in The Quiet Place 2 trailer, it seems like we’ll learn how Cillian Murphy’s yet to be named character dealt with the monster invasion. Cillian Murphy’s character possibly had children, as we see him and Djimon Hounsou’s yet to be named character close the closet door on two children.

Cillian Murphy also tells the Abbott family that people aren’t worth saving out here. This could imply that he has a tragic backstory. Possibly, the monsters murdered his child or children because someone put them in the monsters’ sight. Or maybe he means that only people left are the ones willing to do absolutely anything to survive.

Murphy’s character also seems like he has become a loner in the present and fully embraced apocalyptic living. His backstory and the scene of Day 1, makes us believe that at least some portion of the movie takes place in the past. However, we doubt that the past makes up the majority because there still seems to be a lot of story to tell about the present situation of the Abbott family.

Emily Blunt in the dark in A Quiet Place 2

Where Is The Abbott Family Heading in The Quiet Place 2?

The trailer of The Quiet Place 2 shows many shots of the Abbotts traveling. The trailer shows them eventually finding themselves in danger of the monster killing them, but Cillian Murphy’s character saves the Abbotts, bringing him into their journey.

The trailer also shows an image of the Abbott family farm on fire. Things were chaotic at the end of A Quiet Place--with Lee dying, Regan figuring out the key to killing the monsters, and the entire family trying to protect the new baby. Therefore, the farm being on fire could be a result of the battle with the other monster. We know that based on Evelyn’s still bandaged foot, A Quiet Place 2 probably doesn’t take place too far after the first one ended. So it may be safe to assume that the barn fire is related to the confrontations with the monsters at the end of the first film. Or something took place afterward that we haven't seen yet.

The farm catching on fire probably means that the Abbott family is on the road looking for new shelter. However, things might be a little more complex than that. In The Quiet Place 2 trailer, Murphy’s character and Evelyn discuss saving people. He doesn’t think anyone left is worth saving, which could mean that Evelyn shares the secret to defeating the monsters and wants to share It with more people. This could mean that the Abbott family hit the road to gather people to fight and defeat the creature, or at least make it to what remains of the government and try to get their help conquering the monsters.

Cillian Murphy with his finger to his lips in A Quiet Place 2

Is Cillian Murphy’s Character A Friend Or Foe For The Abbott Family?

Cillian Murphy’s character's comments about the other survivors might mean that what happens to him was so tragic that he’s given up on life and people, or it could mean that he’s done such terrible things that he doesn’t think anyone is worth saving, including himself.

The Quiet Place 2 trailer creates a gloomy vibe around Murphy’s character. He seems dangerous in some clips, but broken in other parts. He could easily be both, which would make him dangerous and a survival necessity for the Abbott family. The Quiet Place 2 trailer seems to show him especially bonding with Regan, so their relationship might be a focal point in the sequel. Murphy’s character is also shocked to see the Abbott baby. This baby reveal could go two ways: either he could see the baby as a sign of hope for the future, or he could see it as a barrier to his survival.

The A Quiet Place 2 trailer did a great job of making us very intrigued by Cillian Murphy’s character, but also very untrusting of him.

Cillian Murphy looking stressed in A Quiet Place 2

How Much Dialogue Will Be Involved In A Quiet Place 2?

One of the most appealing things about The Quiet Place was how it built suspense with very little dialogue and exposition. The entire trailer for A Quiet Place 2 probably had way more dialogue and talking than the entire script of the first film. We’re not sure if the film will try to balance silence with a little more dialogue, or still remain a mainly silent film.

Emily Blunt and Millicent Simmonds hunched down in A Quiet Place 2

How Many A Quiet Place Monsters Exist On Earth?

In A Quiet Place, Lee noted that at least three were in their area. It wasn’t clear if the area that Lee referred to was America, Earth, or the farm. The Abbott family has killed at least two of these monsters, but the world still seems in danger. This likely means that there are more than three monsters on Earth, but it doesn’t seem to be many of them.

The Quiet Place 2 trailer scenes from Day 1 shows that there were many people screaming and running, but only a few monsters attacking. This seems to imply that there aren’t hundreds of them in any given area. The exact number of monsters roaming around in A Quiet Place world will hopefully become more known in A Quiet Place 2.

A Quiet Place 2 should be an exciting addition to John Krasinski’s possible franchise films. Catch it when it hits theaters on March 20, 2020.

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