G.I. Joe Starts Production On Snake Eyes And Shows Off Cool New Logo

G.I. Joe Snake Eyes Comic Book Cover

It has been several years since the G.I. Joe franchise had its own movie, and there were even several changes made from the original film to its sequel, 2013’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation (which leaned on The Rock and Bruce Willis as its leads). Now a third movie is coming to theaters from Paramount that will take the Joe series in yet a different direction, as the studio will dive into the origin of its silent assassin, Snake Eyes.

The cast and crew of G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes held an event in Japan this week to announce the start of production on the 2020 action thriller (which also might boast the name Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins). In the process, they also revealed a cool new logo for the film, which can be seen alongside Last Christmas and A Simple Favor star Henry Golding as he posed for a picture at the event.

Henry Golding and the Snake Eyes logo

German filmmaker Robert Schwentke will take the helm of Snake Eyes, and brings a background in action and franchise work. His most popular blend of action and comedy has to be Red, which also teamed Bruce Willis with Helen Mirren Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich. After that, Schwentke honed his craft on The Divergent Series, but will try to reintroduce Snake Eyes to a new generation of moviegoers.

Snake Eyes arguably has been the coolest character of the existing G.I. Joe cinematic franchise. He speaks no words, but has no problem swinging through memorable action set pieces such as this deadly confrontation on the side of an icy mountain.

Basically, what we are saying is that Robert Schwentke and Henry Golding have their work cut out for them (get it?) if they want to keep Snake Eyes fans engaged in this new film. The character has been a standout ever since G.I. Joe told stories in comic books and in animated television programs. We’re curious to see what Paramount has in store for the largely silent killer.

Snake Eyes cast

Snake Eyes co-stars the legendary action hero Iko Uwais (reason enough for us to get excited), as well as Andrew Koji, Haruka Abe and Takehiro Hira. Paramount has the film down for an October 23, 2020 release, which is why production has shifted from Vancouver to Japan for continued shoots. We’ll bring you more on Snake Eyes as it develops.

Sean O'Connell
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