Film Company Has To Apologize After Announcing Actress Julie Strain Died (She Didn't)

Julie Strain in Day of the Warrior

You shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet and sometimes even those who are seemingly in the know about a given situation can get things wrong. Such is the case with Malibu Bay Films, the film company that yesterday reported that actress and collaborator Julie Strain had died at the age of 57. Well, it turns out that Julie Strain did not die and now Malibu Bay Films is apologizing. Take a look:

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As Malibu Bay Films revealed via the company’s official Instagram account, actress Julie Strain did not die. The company’s earlier report indicating that she had died was not a poor taste joke or hoax or anything to that effect, but the result of inaccurate information. Apparently Malibu Bay Films had been told by a trusted source in its community, and presumably someone who would be in the know about Julie Strain’s health, that the actress had died.

Thankfully, that was wrong and Julie Strain is alive. So Malibu Bay Films is apologizing for upsetting anyone unnecessarily with its prior report. As far as apologies go, this is surely one that Malibu Bay Films is happy, thrilled even, to have to give because it means that Julie Strain, who worked with the company on several B-movies, is still alive.

Julie Strain’s current condition is unknown but in an email to The Hollywood Reporter, an assistant to the owner of Malibu Bay Films Arlene Sidaris said that Arlene had just spoken with Julie Strain’s partner Dave who confirmed that the actress is not dead.

Julie Strain’s health has been a cause for concern because the actress suffers from early-onset dementia, brought on by a traumatic brain injury she sustained in her early 20s when she was thrown from a horse in an equestrian accident. That injury erased all memory the actress had of her teenage years.

Despite her injury, Julie Strain has gone on to become the B-movie queen, starring in over 100 films from when her career got started in 1990 to when she stopped acting regularly in 2009. The actress has also handled much of her own stunt work.

In addition to roles in B-movies like Day of the Warrior, Delta Delta Die!, Babewatch Biker Babes and Lingerie Kickboxer, Julie has also had roles in some more mainstream fare. The actress has appeared in Beverly Hills Cop III, Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult and the Jean-Claude Van Damme classic Double Impact.

The statuesque 6’1” Julie Strain also provided the voice of Julie in Heavy Metal 2000 and was at one time married to co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kevin Eastman.

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