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People Are Having A Field Day With Errors In Tyler Perry's A Fall From Grace

Mehcad Brooks in Tyler Perry's A Fall From Grace
(Image credit: (Netflix))

Tyler Perry’s latest thriller was shot at his new 300-acre studio in Atlanta in just five days. That’s pretty incredible for a two-hour Netflix movie, but those tuning into A Fall From Grace on their small screens are noticing some goofs that certainly validate this remarkably quick turnaround. Check this one out:

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WOW! Anyone else ever wonder why the text notifications always show up bigger on the phones in movies? Here’s our answer, thanks to this funny error in A Fall From Grace. As one Twitter user caught, it’s very clear that when A Fall From Grace’s star Crystal Fox looks at her phone, it is showing a picture of a graphic in the photo app. That’s a sure way to take us out of the movie. Ironically enough, a shot like this could have easily been reshot. Tyler Perry must not have even noticed it!

And there’s so much more of these errors. Here’s another one:

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It looks like the crew built the illusion of a dishwasher near a countertop in one scene, but didn’t bother to build the rest of it! It’s something that may not have been captured right away if A Fall From Grace was given a theatrical run. But the beauty of Netflix is phones are allowed during home viewings. Audience participation this time means finding all the errors, including this award-worthy supporting performance:

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This just keeps getting better! The older gentleman extra looks like he has a plate of food and water in front of him, but when he goes and drinks from it, the glass is clearly empty. Then when he takes his fork to some eggs, he doesn’t grab a single morsel of food and puts the utensil up to his tongue anyway. And during the same scene, there’s another odd detail:

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I don’t think that’s usually on the menu, Tyler Perry! This is the kind of thing that has led fans to criticize the filmmaker for writing all of his own television shows and movies. Being a one man band is impressive, but it’s just easier to make mistakes or go tone deaf when your name is filled in for director, writer, executive producing, as well as on the cast list.

Fans are also pointing at the wigs used in A Fall From Grace too. Mehcad Brooks has a funny flat top straight out of a ‘90s music video, and here is Perry’s:

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Hey, it still makes for entertainment, right? One Twitter user decided it may have been intentional:

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You can find the errors for yourself in A Fall From Grace, streaming on Netflix now! And check out what’s coming to the platform in February!

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