Justice League's Snyder Cut Has A Perfect New Poster, Now We Just Need The Movie

Justice League

Script? Check. Director? Check. Footage? Check. Audience? Check. Star support? Check. Poster? Check! The Snyder Cut of Justice League has just about all of its ducks in a row ... now we just need to see it. Will that ever happen? The eternal question. Director Zack Snyder is not the only one to keep the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement in motion. Fans are also doing their parts, including BossLogic.

BossLogic is more than a fan, he's a true artist, and his new Justice League: Snyder Cut poster ticks most of the boxes fans want. It's ready to show THIS Justice League's heroes and villains in a marquee at your local theater.

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There are a lot of great fan posters out there for Justice League, and BossLogic has posted others of his own in the past, but this has to be one of the best. It includes what the artist wants to see, as he put it, and that happens to match what many Justice League fans wanted.

We see Henry Cavill's Superman in the Black Suit front and center. In December, Snyder shared a Black Suit photo labeled "My Superman" and confirmed to fans that Cavill would've worn that suit for the entire movie.

This poster also shows Green Lantern, Darkseid, and Martian Manhunter. Last fall, Zack Snyder confirmed actor Harry Lennix's DCEU character, General Swanwick, was meant to be revealed in Justice League as secretly Martian Manhunter. Shortly after that, Zack Snyder commented about the Green Lantern shown in Justice League, saying that was his shot -- meaning not a replacement from Joss Whedon or whatnot -- but not THE Green Lantern. That was a tantalizing tease on its own. And of course Zack Snyder has shared several images teasing his plans for Darkseid.

Over Christmas, Zack Snyder gifted several images from his Snyder Cut to fans. Most recently, a stunt video revealed an epic fight planned for Ben Affleck's Batman.

Some DC fans have expressed doubt that The Snyder Cut of Justice League even exists, but Zack Snyder wrote on his Vero account -- his preferred social media -- that he's "just tired of people saying it's not real." It's not only real, it's apparently very long. Jason Momoa said he's seen the cut and it's very different from the theatrical version shown by Warner Bros.

Whatever happens with The Snyder Cut movement from here, the passionate fans have done a lot of good during the campaign. Zack Snyder supporters have raised a lot of money to aid suicide prevention, a cause very close to the Snyder family.

And now, once again, we wait for what might happen next. All of the pieces are in place except for a way for fans to see Zack Snyder's Justice League as he intended it. Hey, if Lionsgate can finally release that "unreleasable" Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland movie just for the fans, what's stopping Warner Bros. from giving ticket-buying fans what they clearly want?

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