Harley And Groot? James Gunn Talked To Margot Robbie About A Guardians And Suicide Squad Team-Up

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey

The comic book world is no stranger to unexpected crossovers. And even in a cinematic sense, there have been some iconic pairings (and pittings against) of popular characters. But if James Gunn had his way, the craziest -- and maybe coolest -- pairing of all time could someday become a reality. Because he is keen to have The Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn and Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot team up.

A fan on Twitter recently asked the Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad director, “If you could choose one character from Guardians of the Galaxy and one character from The Suicide Squad to meet each other, who would those two characters be?” And James Gunn had a very intriguing answer, to say the least. He told the fan:

I’ve discussed this extensively with Margot Robbie and I think Harley and Groot would have fabulous adventures together. And there are other great combos I’d bring up... if we at #TheSuicideSquad weren’t keeping things under wraps...

Okay. Weird, but we’re tentatively on board. While on the surface, a Harley Quinn and Groot meeting may seem like a bizarre choice, there is a lot of room for great storytelling. In some ways, the two characters could not be more different -- one is an unpredictable antihero with a thirst for vengeance, the other is a childlike extraterrestrial plant like organism with an extremely limited vocabulary. But their differences could actually be what made their interactions so fun. It seems like Harley might find Groot fascinating -- and Groot might benefit from the change of pace he’d find in Harley’s presence.

Of course, James Gunn didn’t offer up any details as to where and how he and Margot Robbie think the two characters could meet. And the fact that they’d have to get DC and Marvel on board in order for the team-up to happen means it could be a long shot. But from the looks of it, this pairing may not be the only one the director has up his sleeve.

If you read between the lines in the rest of the tweet, he seems to be hinting that we can expect to see some unexpected faces in his upcoming The Suicide Squad film. Whether that means he’s actually worked out a Marvel/DC collaboration (it kind-of seems like he might be hinting at that, right?) remains to be seen. But even if he sticks to DC characters, there are plenty of players who could make an appearance -- including some characters that have yet to be introduced in the DCEU.

As James Gunn said, The Suicide Squad team is keeping the film’s details tightly under wraps. So we likely won’t know what potential crossovers await us until The Suicide Squad hits theaters in 2021.

Katherine Webb