F9: Vin Diesel Had A Fitting Response To Fast And Furious 9 Trailer's 500 Million Views

Vin Diesel drives car in F9 Fast and Furious 9 official trailer

The official F9 trailer may have been worth that wildly over-the-top concert event premiere after all. Fast and Furious 9 timed its trailer reveal for Super Bowl weekend in Miami. Vin Diesel promoted the blazes out of it for over a month before it showed up.

When the F9 trailer did arrive? Fireworks. Actually, choppers, cliff jumps, drives across a collapsing bridge, a Pontiac Fiero strapped to a rocket engine, a magnet plane, and ... Han! Somehow! Plus a few more returnees from past Fast movies. And it's adding John Cena as Dom Toretto's brother, Jakob. (Who is also Mia Toretto's brother? The trailer ignores that.)

The surprise of seeing Han's return, never mind the other physics-defying visuals, led to a lot of buzz for the Fast and Furious 9 trailer. So much buzz that the F9 trailer amassed more than 500 million views across YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Yep, it was a record-breaker. And since tickets were strategically put on sale the same day, those numbers are impressive too.

Vin Diesel was already "speechless" when he saw the F9 trailer for the first time back in December 2019. He was "speechless" again after seeing Fast and Furious 9 fans push the trailer to its record-breaking views in February 2020. Here's his response, shared with a fitting screen shot of that wild gravity-defying car jump scene from the trailer:

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F9 co-star Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays as Ramsey, commented with "Woooaaaahhhh!" Jamie Foxx isn't in the movie, as far as we know, but he's clearly a fan since he commented "Got my tickets already" at least three times on Vin Diesel's post.

Vin Diesel also shared his gratitude for F9's 500 million views in this video; the clip shows him talk a bit about his Fast and Furious brother Pablo, aka Paul Walker, and share mini updates on Bloodshot, The Last Witcher, and xXx 4:

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Vin Diesel didn't say anything about Riddick this time, but maybe we'll get more updates like this soon. If you want to check out the F9 trailer everyone is talking about, watch or re-watch it here:

Han actor Sung Kang recently teased a little bit about his return, adding that he hopes F9 does the #JusticeForHan campaign ... justice. John Cena also recently denied that he's the villain of F9, so maybe we'll have #JusticeForJakob trending at some point. (Just kidding. Please don't.)

What's next? After F9 -- yes, that's it's official title, just like the button on your keyboard -- we will have Fast 10. Vin Diesel already knows one Oscar winner he'd like to see join the team. And Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson might actually return, since his Fast feud with Diesel appears to be over.

F9 races -- or flies, I guess -- into theaters this May 22, 2020.

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