F9's Vin Diesel Wants This 'Awesome' Oscar Winner To Join The Fast And Furious Franchise

Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto in F9 trailer

Vin Diesel's Fast and Furious franchise is always adding new celebrities. We only recently got Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren in the mix, and F9 has John Cena as -- surprise -- Dom's brother Jakob. We know at least one more movie is coming in Fast and Furious 10, so who could join the team?

F9 just shared its first trailer via an insanely over-the-top concert premiere. While the stars were gathered to promote the film, they were asked who would be their dream bucket list celebrities to join the franchise. Producer/star Vin Diesel had a surprising answer:

That's a really good question. Huh. [points] Dame Judi Dench. I think she'd be awesome.

He even added his version of a British accent to "awesome" via his response to MTV International. Judi Dench! I love that he picked her. She does have action franchise experience as M in Daniel Craig's James Bond movies, and she's clearly up for some freaky shit since she agreed to be in the Cats movie.

Judi Dench M in Bond movies

I love this idea. Not to have Dame Helen Mirren take on Dame Judi Dench in a fight, although that might be kickass, but what about Judi Dench having a much younger man on her arm in John Cena's Jakob Toretto? What if it turns out Dom (and Mia's?) brother has a sugar mama? I'm stretching now because I'm suddenly invested in this Judi Dench casting. She's 85 but you'd never know it. Get on that, Diesel.

Other F9 stars shared their own dream celebrities for the Fast franchise:

Chris "Ludacris" Bridges: For me, I would love to bring in Denzel Washington. I think that would be great.Nathalie Emmanuel: That'd be pretty fun.Michelle Rodriguez: I like Matt Damon. But I wonder if he would do something so -- a lot of the stuff we do is so silly and he's such a serious cat. I wonder if he'd be into it. He's a serious fella. I really like him. Women, there are so many...Jordana Brewster: Like Marion Cotillard would be really cool.Michelle Rodriguez: She's so serious too.Jordana Brewster: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So is Helen Mirren! Like, who would have thought Helen Mirren would join us?Michelle Rodriguez: Yeah, but she's got an edge to her. I mean, Caligula? Come on. She's got an edge to her. You have to have a little edge and be playful to want to join, you know what I mean? We don't take ourselves seriously but serious people would have a hard time ... because we do such crazy things!'

I think Judi Dench has enough of a playful edge to join Helen Mirren and company. Matt Damon, too. Did you see him in The Informant, or in his Thor: Ragnarok cameo? The Martian was even a comedy, if you ask the Golden Globes. Denzel Washington and Marion Cotillard might be harder to convince, although Cotillard was in a Batman movie, so she's willing to go for a big franchise.

As Michelle Rodriguez noted, though, they do some crazy things in the Fast and Furious world. F9 is going to be particularly nuts, she warned:

You're gonna question a lot when it comes to physics.

Yeah, we always do, and the F9 trailer included at least two more moments to add to the Just Go With It list. Plus, F9 has to explain how Han is back. Hopefully that explanation doesn't defy physics too, but it probably will.

F9 is scheduled to open in theaters on May 22, 2020.

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