Aladdin 2: What We Know So Far About The Live-Action Disney Sequel

Aladdin (2019) Poster showing Jasmin and Aladdin on a magic carpet ride.

Disney's live-action remake of Aladdin, based on the 1992 animated movie of the same name, proved to be one of the big surprise successes of 2019. The blockbuster re-imagining, directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Mena Massound, Naomi Scott, Nasim Pedrad, and Will Smith as the Genie, to name only a few cast members, suffered from bad marketing and questionable-looking CG from Will Smith's blue genie, but everyone's fond nostalgia for the original movie matched by the winning cast and lively music numbers resulted in a sizable hit for the studio. Naturally, there was sequel talk, and it was revealed in February that Disney was moving forward with Aladdin 2. What will this newly-announced sequel entail? Let's see what we know so far.

Will Smith, Mena Massound - Aladdin (2019)

Who Is Directing Aladdin 2?

Earlier in February, it was announced that Guy Ritchie will return to the director's chair for Aladdin 2. The English filmmaker behind Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, 2009's Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, and, most recently, last month's The Gentlemen, to name just a few titles, was at the helm of last year's Aladdin. While he's currently busy making his next film, Cash Truck, Ritchie has agreed to call the shots on this newest Disney sequel. He will likely get to work on this newest blockbuster once he finishes up work on his latest Jason Statham vehicle.

Naomi Scott, Mena Massoud - Aladdin (2019)

Who Are The Screenwriters For Aladdin 2?

In addition to announcing Guy Ritchie's return to the director's chair, THR revealed that screenwriters John Gatins and Andrea Berloff have been hired to write Aladdin 2's screenplay. Gatins is an Oscar-nominated screenwriter who is best known for writing Robert Zemeckis' Flight, but he also worked on Kong: Skull Island, Real Steel, Coach Carter, Hardball, and, most recently, 2017's Power Rangers. Meanwhile, Andrea Berloff is an Oscar-nominated screenwriter as well, best known for Straight Outta Compton, but she also wrote World Trade Center, Blood Father, and last year's The Kitchen, which served as her directorial debut. The hiring of these two screenwriters reportedly comes after six months of discussions for this Disney's newest sequel.

Mena Massound, Will Smith - Aladdin (2019)

When Will Aladdin 2 Be Released?

Currently, Aladdin 2 doesn't have an official release date. With the movie currently in the very early stages of development, we won't likely get any sort of confirmed date until later this year at the earliest. Though, with Disney known for announce their release dates well in advance, we could hear something about it at this year's D23. If one were to speculate, though, Aladdin 2's release could fall somewhere between 2023 and 2026. There is a chance that they might fast-track the sequel depending on how quickly the project comes together, but you have to take Will Smith's busy schedule into account. Also, Disney is known to take a few years between sequels to live-action remakes, like last year's Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Suffice to say, it'll probably be a while before we return to a whole new world.

Disney's Aladdin (2019) "Friend Like Me" Musical Number

When Will Aladdin 2 Start Production?

With the script not yet written, we shouldn't expect Aladdin 2 to start production in the near future. Of course, these days, it's not uncommon for a major blockbuster to start filming without a finished script. But in this case, it seems more likely than not that we'll see cameras rolling on this sequel in 2021 at the earliest. Depending on when the studio decides to slot the movie into their tight schedule, as well as when Will Smith and the other actors are available to shoot the new Aladdin AND when Guy Ritchie can commit to the directing process, we will have a better idea when shooting will start.

Will Smith - Aladdin (2019)

What Is The Story Of Aladdin 2?

Very little is known about Aladdin 2, including what the story will be. When it came to last year's live-action Aladdin remake, we knew that it would be a retelling of the popular animated film with a few new touches to make it not a complete carbon copy. But when it comes to this newest sequel, while some thought it might follow in the footsteps of the aforementioned The Return of Jafar, the story will be taking an entirely new, fresh approach with this sequel, according to those folks working behind-the-scenes at Disney. 

Suffice to say, the nostalgic moviegoers who were hoping to see the direct-to-video sequel brought to the big screen in blockbuster form might be disappointed. But this is probably for the best. A new story invites brand new possibilities, and it prevents the film from falling into the same criticisms that it is a second-rate redo. But what will happen in this new sequel? We'll have to wait to see.

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Which Aladdin Stars Will Return For Aladdin 2?

When it was announced that Aladdin 2 was officially a go, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Will Smith, Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott are all expected to return to their roles of Genie, Aladdin, and Princess Jasmine, respectively. While they still need to sign a few dotted lines, it sounds like a given that these three will return for this new sequel, though we're still waiting for confirmation. They played the main three roles in the film, and it would only make sense for them for provide the focus of this newest sequel. Of course, how they will factor into the new movie and how big their roles will be in the new movie is currently left unclear.

SPOILERS from the first Aladdin ahead

In this newest iteration of this classic tale, the characters of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine professed their love for one another and they were set to be married after defeating the villainous Jafar. But the new movie added a little bit more story to Genie's tale. Specifically, once Aladdin uses his third and final wish to set him free, he became a family man, marrying Nasim Pedrad's Dalia and raising a couple of kids together. Certainly, whatever the sequel will be will have to take that in account, and that suggests that Pedrad could return for this new sequel. With the story expected to take a fresh new approach, not following in the footsteps of The Return of Jafar, the possibilities are open for what might result in this newest Disney blockbuster sequel. 

Hopefully we'll have more to report about the story for Aladdin 2 once the script is finished and news begins to emerge.

Abu - Aladdin (2019)

What Will Aladdin 2 Be Rated?

Assuming Aladdin 2 falls in line with its live-action predecessor, this newest Disney sequel will likely score a PG rating from the MPAA. The previous Aladdin movie earned its rating for "some action/peril," and that's likely what you can expect from this newest Aladdin movie. It's hard to imagine that it'll push the content into PG-13 territory, though it should be noted that next month's Mulan did earn a PG-13 distinction, and it is even less likely that it will be rated G. Therefore, while details are slim presently for this currently in-the-works sequel, this is one (seemingly) safe bet we have for Aladdin 2.

Mena Massound - Aladdin (2019)

Are There Any Trailers Or Teasers For Aladdin 2?

Currently, there are no trailers or teasers available for Aladdin 2. Namely, since Aladdin 2 hasn't started filming yet, there isn't any footage out there of the upcoming Disney sequel. So, it would be pretty hard to compile a trailer or teaser right now. Once production gets underway on the new movie and the sequel's release date etches closer, we should expect to see some marketing for the live-action Disney sequel. Alas, that's still a good while's way. So there's nothing to report on the trailer front right now.

Mena Massound - Aladdin (2019)

Where Can You Stream Aladdin (2019)?

Disney+ is your ticket. The streaming site currently hosts the vast majority of Disney titles, new and old, including last year's Aladdin, as well as 1992's animated Aladdin and its direct-to-video sequels, 1994's The Return of Jafar and 1996's Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Those with a hankering to get their fix of Aladdin can find everything in one place, thanks to Disney Plus. When the time comes, it's likely safe to assume we'll see Aladdin 2  squeeze itself into the digital archive of streaming titles that are available primarily through Disney's streaming service.

With the movie still in the very early stages of development and very few details openly available, we're still waiting for whatever exciting updates and major details about the sequel to emerge. You can be sure to check back with us right here at CinemaBlend for the latest updates.

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