How Fifty Shades' E.L. James Celebrated Optioning Book The Mister For The Movies

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E.L. James already has a successful trio of producer credits under her belt, but the author of Fifty Shades of Grey and The Mister won’t be stopping there. This week, we learned The Mister has been optioned by Universal for a big screen movie release. Of course, E.L. James took a little time to celebrate the news.

Although we don’t have details about The Mister’s script or cast yet, I can tell you that E.L. James definitely took a little time to celebrate. And while we’re a little early in the year/weather cyle for Rosé All Day, a brut rosé is generally a great idea for any celebratory moment. Take a look.

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E.L. James is currently hard at work on another installment in the Fifty Shades series that should complete the collection of Christian Grey perspective books. (An interesting choice given she has also spoken out about wanting to get away from the Fifty characters, which The Mister allowed her to do.) She posted about getting started on that book on Valentine’s Day, although she mentioned to readers it “will be a while” before that project comes out.

E.L. James should be having a busy year, however. There’s the work on Fifty Shades content. Then, the prominent author will also be a producer on The Mister as it is coming together. She also has a series of tour dates that are coming up this spring. All in all, I’d say there’s a lot to celebrate.

In case you are interested in also celebrating in style, that bottle of brut she purchased is not as expensive as you might guess. It’s also currently available at Camel Valley, running at £29.95, which is $38.72. So, yeah, you won’t find it in the bargain bin, but if you want to celebrate like your favorite author, you can totally make it happen.

Meanwhile, my follow-up question mainly is: Who will Universal find to play Maxim Trevelyan and Alessia Demachi, the protagonists in The Mister? I firmly believe one of the reasons the Fifty Shades movies did well was because they really nailed the casting. Also, I kind of want to know how deep E.L. James got into that bottle of rosé yesterday, but perhaps that’s a mystery better left unsolved.

The news about The Mister should not come as a huge shock for in-the-know fans. Around the time of the book’s release, the idea was already being bandied about that it could be made into the movie. We previously wrote there was interest in the book right after its release and it took a bidding war for Universal to acquire the rights.

Now, we just need to patiently wait until this all comes together and with a little luck and some fairy dust I’m hoping we’ll see The Mister come to life on the big screen sooner rather than later. As I’m an impatient person, however, I may need to join E.L. James on the rosé train while I wait.

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