Why We Never Actually See Liam Neeson's Butt On The Big Screen These Days

Liam Neeson in a Million Ways To Die In The West butt scene

There’s a whole industry of butt doubles out there, but if you're hoping to see Liam Neeson’s gluteus maximus in action, I’m going to have to just go ahead and dissuade you. The actor revealed recently that we’ll not be seeing his butt on the big screen, and he has a good reason for why: he hates his Irish butt.

I’m not even being folksy, that’s literally a direct quote from Liam Neeson from an interview in which he admitted he worked with his stunt coordinator for A Million Ways To Die In The West to figure out how Charlize Theron was going to shove a flower up his butt. Liam Neeson told Andy Cohen this is what happened and, yes, there is an f-bomb in this story:

Mark Vanselow is my stunt coordinator, we’re working on our 24th film together. When we were doing that movie--I hate my Irish butt. I said to Mark, ‘This is a sign of our friendship. Would you ever do this scene where Charlize Theron puts a daisy in your butt?’ And he said, ‘Sure.’ I gave him a big hug afterword I said, ‘There’s no fucking way is anybody gonna see my Irish butt.’

So, in case you are thinking, “Wait, I have seen Liam Neeson’s butt in the movie,” you haven’t. I’m sure Watch What Happens Live hates to be the bearer of bad news, but in this case, someone had to do it.

Honestly, though, sometimes actors are comfortable with nudity and sometimes they are not. Butt doubles have happened for movies like Friends with Benefits (you did not see Mila Kunis' butt) and more and productions are even hiring intimacy coordinators these days for these types of scenes.

Even some people who may do nudity early on may work a no-nudity clause into their contracts as their characters grow more popular. Liam Neeson has brought in enough big screen dollars to probably do whatever he wants in terms of his butt and whether or whether not he’s comfortable with Charlize Theron sticking a flower in it.

Having said this, Liam Neeson was the star of Kinsey back in 2004 and filmed some sex scenes with Peter Sarsgaard, who later confirmed the actor is ‘famously well hung,’ noting on Conan,

I’ve also [gotten naked] in front of other famously well-hung actors like Liam Neeson, you know and doesn’t everybody know? But I got naked in front of Liam in a movie for a scene. It was in Kinsey and I was playing a guy who was maybe bisexual I guess and they are alone in a hotel room and he gets out of the shower and I just took a little extra long toweling off in front of him.

It’s not as if Liam Neeson hasn’t done nude scenes and in particular shirtless scenes before in flicks like Nell earlier in his career, although now he has me wondering how many butt doubles I’ve seen over the years. These days, Liam Neeson’s butt is no longer on the big screen and that is not likely to change. In fact, I’d have higher hopes for Taken 4.

Jessica Rawden
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