The Secret Garden Trailer: Colin Firth Stars In New Magical Adaptation

Colin Firth in The Secret Garden

Beloved novels have often been adapted for the screen, helping to keep traditional alive and tell the story to a new generation. Greta Gerwig had great success with her non-linear approach at Little Women, and next up we'll get a new version of The Secret Garden. Based off the beloved 1911 novel of the same name, this latest film version really amps up the magic, and has a strong cast that includes Colin Firth and Harry Potter fan favorite Julie Walters.

The Secret Garden is directed by Marc Munden, in perhaps his biggest profile gig yet. Written by Harry Potter and the Cursed Child playwright Jack Thorne, the movie will tell the iconic tale of Mary Lennox, who is sent to live with her stern uncle during a cholera outbreak. She eventually finds the titular secret garden, and the magic within. Check out the first trailer below.

This trailer opens up with a bit of narration, presumably from an adult version of Dixie Egerickx's Mary Lennox. She indicates she's got a story to tell, all about the magical adventures she has as a young girl. After being orphaned she was sent to live with her Uncle, and things soon got out of hand.

Like the Secret Garden novel, Mary arrives in the giant home of her Uncle Archibald Craven, played by the always delightful Colin Firth. But she soon finds the entrance to the titular garden, after a dog goes through a tunnel. She climbs a tree to get over, with the branches of said plant helping to push her up and above the topiary walls.

From there we meet some of the other characters that will make up The Secret Garden's cast. Edan Hayhurst plays Colin Craven, Mary's cousin. His Dark Materials actor Amir Wilson also appears as Dickon Mary's friend who adventures with her in the garden. And then there's Julie Walters (Harry Potter, Momma Mia!) as Mrs. Medlock. Coincidentally, her Harry Potter co-star Maggie Smith played the very same role in a previous film adaptation of The Secret Garden.

The titular garden itself looks stunning, and no doubt has magical capabilities that will effect the story of The Secret Garden. That setting in stark juxtaposition to the cold Yorkshire Estate that Colin Firth's character rules over with an iron fist. As such, any childlike shenanigans and the magic of the garden must be kept secret. This includes Mary's plan to bring her cousin outside for the first time in years.

It looks like the joy that Mary and the garden bring end sup being transformative to the entire household. One sequence in particular shows she and Dickon running, as new plants and flowers bloom around them. She wants to help Colin get better, which fuels a conflict between she and Uncle Archibald. And as you can probably guess, Colin Firth's character needs saving as well.

The Secret Garden will arrive in theaters across the pond on April 10th. It doesn't currently have a release date in the U.S., with the trailer simply stating that the movie is "coming soon." In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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