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Bloodshot's Vin Diesel Tries To Remember The Fans When Getting 'Stomped' In The Head

Vin Diesel in Bloodshot

I don’t think many among us would turn down the opportunity to be an action star if given the chance. But looking badass and doing cool stuff in hugely popular movies isn’t always as glamorous as it might appear. As is, even drama filmmaking requires tons of hard work and incredibly long hours, so when you add in the action element, things get even more challenging. If there’s If anyone knows this truth, it’s Bloodshot star Vin Diesel.

The star of multiple blockbuster action franchises, who is looking to kick off another with this weekend’s Valiant Comics’ adaptation, highlighted how rough making action movies can be during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. But Bloodshot’s Vin Diesel tries to remember the fans when getting ‘stomped’ in the head, as he explained:

When I’m doing a stunt or when I’m doing a combat scene, just last week we were filming and I’m doing this big scene with 15 people and they were trying to stomp my head. And you know sometimes people are a little off and they kick me in the jaw when I’m doing a scene. And I’m thinking about you guys because I belong to you guys. I get stomped in the head for you guys.

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Hey Vin, I mean we totally didn’t ask you to do that and I don’t want to be held legally liable for any stomp damage you incur. But just know that going the extra quarter-mile at a time for your fans is appreciated. When speaking to the host on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the star of Bloodshot revealed that accidents can and do happen when filming stunts and fight scenes for a movie.

Recently, Vin Diesel was filming a movie (Avatar 2? F9 reshoots? Bloodshot?) where his character was getting stomped in the head by a large group of people. I guess it depends on how the scene was shot and framed, but for whatever reason the actor himself was used for this and not a stunt double. Well unfortunately, someone’s stomp accuracy wasn’t quite up to snuff and Vin Diesel wound up getting kicked in the jaw.

But hey, what’s one minor kick in the jaw against the fame and fortune that comes with being an action movie star? It’s at times like that, when he’s just been kicked in the jaw and is probably tasting blood, that Vin Diesel thinks of the fans. He could stop or say enough is enough or trade in his white tank top and go make small dramas and period pieces for the rest of his career (I mean, you’d have to see that right?) but he doesn’t.

Vin Diesel goes through all that discomfort and endures the difficulties of action movie making because that is what is required and he wants to deliver a good product for the fans. Vin Diesel’s legions of fans want to see a good action movie with the actor and The Vin abides. It’s certainly a nice sentiment from the actor that mirrors the fan first ethos of his fellow Fast & Furious star Dwayne Johnson.

We won’t be seeing F9 for a while now, so you can see Vin Diesel’s latest attempt to deliver for the fans when Bloodshot opens in theaters on March 13. Check out our ever-changing 2020 Release Schedule to keep track of what’s coming out this year.

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