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Bloodshot Director Talks Vin Diesel And Competing With Marvel And DC

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Vin Diesel has two major movies reaching theaters this year. One of them is a continuation of his massive Fast & Furious franchise. Before that, though, the man best known as Dom will introduce fans to a new type of antihero – Bloodshot – pulled from the pages of Valiant Comics. Similar to the likes of Deadpool and Wolverine, Bloodshot is virtually invincible, and he’s on a bloodthirsty mission of vengeance.

Joining the show this week is none other than Bloodshot director Dave Wilson to tell us all about the movie, and working with Vin on the launch of a potential franchise, so press play on the episode above and plunge into Episode 109 of ReelBlend.

It’d be impossible to go through an episode without mentioning the Coronavirus, which is making headlines around the globe. Again, the guys tend to keep it focused on how the virus is affecting the entertainment industry. The cancelation of South By Southwest and the potential delays of the openings for movies like Black Widow and F9 are on the minds of co-hosts Kevin McCarthy, Jake Hamilton and Sean O’Connell, and they catch you up on their thoughts in this week’s show.

There’s still news to cover this week, though. The guys get in to the new Black Widow trailer, as well as the first lengthy look at Jungle Cruise, starring The Rock and Emily Blunt.

From there, Sean gives a review of Bloodshot (spoiler-free), and then the guys transition into #SongBlend. This week’s game is all about songs that were written specifically for use in a movie, and the stories the guys come up with are personal and interesting.

Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell

Sean O’Connell is a journalist and CinemaBlend’s Managing Editor. He's frequently found on Twitter at @Sean_OConnell. ReelBlend cohost. A movie junkie who's Infatuated with comic-book films. Helped get the Snyder Cut released, then wrote a book about it.