Looks Like Fantastic Beasts 3 Is Postponing Filming After All

Newt in The Crimes of Grindelwald

If you've been paying any attention to the news cycle, you'll know its a crazy time out there. Concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic have greatly affected day to day life across the world. And it's also certainly affected the entertainment world, as movies were delayed from theaters and sets shut down in order to ensure the safety of all involved. But as various film sets delayed production, a report seemed to indicate that Fantastic Beasts 3 was somehow beginning production as scheduled. But don't fear for the Wizarding World, as the movie ended up pushing back principal photography after all.

Harry Potter and his Wizarding World is a global phenomenon that has been entertaining audiences and readers alike for decades. In addition to Pottermore and the Cursed Child stage plays, the primary way the franchise is being expanded is through the Fantastic Beasts franchise. David Yates' upcoming threequel will move the story forward as Grindelwald takes more power, but the studio doesn't want anyone in real danger. So while there was a rumor about filming starting, it turns out that Fantastic Beasts 3 will indeed be postponing principal photography.

This magical update comes to us from Variety, and comes to us just days after the publication reported Warner Bros.' plans to move forward with Fantastic Beasts 3 as planned. The movie has already been delayed a few times, so the studio no doubt wanted to go with business as usual. But once concerns over COVID-19 reached such a heightened level, the franchise had to put a freezing spell on their plans for filming.

The news about Fantastic Beasts 3's filming (or lacktherof) is sure to elicit a strong response from moviegoers out there. Obviously one feeling is relief, knowing the huge cast and crew that make the Harry Potter franchise possible will be home and safe from infecting each other with COVID-19. But there's no telling how long the highly anticipated sequel's set will be shut down, and whether or not it'll be able to meet its planned release date.

Concern over the Coronavirus pandemic has been steadily growing over the past few weeks. Following safety guidelines put out my officials has sent shockwave through the TV and film industry. Major blockbusters have been pushed back, including No Time to Die, F9, The New Mutants, and more. These blockbusters are being delayed months or even a year, in hopes of optimizing box office success. What's more, all TV and film sets have been shut down for the time being.

Fantastic Beasts 3 will follow up on the ongoing battle against Grindelwald and his forces. The twist ending of The Crimes of Grindelwald also revealed that Ezra Miller's Credence was actually Dumbledore's brother. The Dark Wizard has never had more power, and it should be fascinating to see how the franchise continues to tie into the events and characters of Harry Potter.

Fantastic Beasts 3 is currently expected to arrive in theaters in November of 2021 In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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