Kevin Hart's Got Some Funny Complaints About Quarantine, Starting With His Family

Kevin Hart in Jumanji The Next Level 2019

Kevin Hart, like most of the rest of us, is currently quarantined in a household of 7, at least, if you count his two dogs. He’s keeping busy while at home and this week he even touched base with Ellen DeGeneres to talk about quarantine during the time of coronavirus, “living the dream” and his general issues with quarantine… starting with his family.

A lot of the daytime and late night talk show hosts are trying to keep up an online presence, despite not having regular shows to work on right now. Ellen DeGeneres is one of those hosts and she recently called her pal Kevin Hart up, recording him as he went through his funny complaints about quarantine.

I’m sitting here living the dream. Well, let’s see. I haven’t watched the TV I want to watch because my son rules the household now. I’ve been pretty much staying in the middle of the living room and do nothing. That’s what I’ve been doing now. I’ve been performing for my family doing stand-up. I’m working on my set here in the house. I’ve been bombing a lot. Nobody’s laughing.

Not only can Kevin Hart not get any relaxing TV downtime – at least not with shows he cares about – but even when he’s getting actual work done it’s not going well. His comments mostly seem to be in jest with a tinge of realness, but I bet it can be hard for a funny guy to be doing any sort of joke-y material around his family. After all, they are likely used to his schtick by this point.

The quarantine complaints aren’t only about his family, however. Like Many of us, Kevin Hart is in need of some pampering and when Ellen DeGeneres complimented his hair, he seemed astonished, noting,

You like it? I’m going grey. You know why I’m going grey? Because my barber’s not working.

The whole thing was taped by Ellen’s wife Portia De Rossi and also features the A-list actor and the A-list daytime host talking about their dogs, which amusingly enough, Kevin Hart also has some complaints about.

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While it’s recently been said that Kevin Hart changed since his car accident last year and has been spending a lot more time with his family of late, it’s hard to change habits. He’s still a hustler at heart, and I’d imagine quarantining would be a little bit of a challenge to any people person who is generally out there working hard.

To be honest, Kevin Hart isn’t the only celebrity having trouble amusing his or herself during quarantine. We’ve got a long few weeks ahead, but it looks like Ellen DeGeneres is at least shining a lot on what quarantine looks like for the rich and famous. (And in her case, as the video shows, she doesn't have a half-bad view.)

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