Check Out Kevin Hart's Post-Accident 'Rebuilding' Routine Ahead Of Getting Back To Work

Kevin Hart in Jumanji: The Next Level 2019

If you’ve been wondering what Kevin Hart has been up to in the aftermath of the car crash that made headlines and set back his work schedule, he shared the answer with fans over the weekend. In fact, the actor – who has always been a gym rat – is trying to “reach new levels of greatness” in order to get in shape and get back to work.

In a post on social media, Kevin Hart wrote about the “rebuilding” he is currently doing on himself ahead of going back to work. You can see some of his full-body rehab routine, below.

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A bunch of celebrities, including D.L. Hughley and Mark Wahlberg, commented on the post, sending prayers and good wishes after watching Kevin Hart work out with free weights, an exercise ball and more equipment.

Watching any actor complete a rehab routine is not what we are generally used to seeing from celebrities, who typically try to entice fans with some of the wilder or harder routines they’ve ever completed. (Remember that time Brie Larson pushed a Jeep as part of her Captain Marvel training? Case in point.) Kevin Hart’s journey right now is a little bit different. He underwent back surgery after a car accident left him wrecked. Rehab for any injury can be brutal and full of obstacles and it's really bold of Kevin Hart to be showing us how hard he is working just to get back to doing stuff that was presumably simple before.

Kevin Hart hasn’t been wholly out of the public eye since his accident, which happened back at the beginning of September and also involved two of his friends. The actor has been involved with some minor work promoting Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and he’s been active on social media recently, including sharing a video detailing his changed mindset following his harrowing car accident.

Currently, Kevin Hart has some projects on hold as he gets back in shape following his accident and subsequent surgery. But it’s nice to see he’s getting out and about these days, as shown by his Instagram workout and also a recent appearance at the People’s Choice Awards. At the latter event, the actor spoke out to thank the fans, but also to address the fact people were supportive of him after the car accident. He noticed and appreciated the well wishes.

The good news for the actor is he had work in the can already when he got into the car accident. So, while he recovers, his major new movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle will hit theaters (and presumably make a ton of money to boot.) Another movie, Fatherhood, is already wrapped and Kevin Hart will have work in My Own Worst Enemy when he gets back into the groove of things. Even though he's had to slow down for now, presumably, the accident won't have a major effect on his career.

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