Not All Parents Are Happy About Trolls World Tour Arriving In Homes Early

Trolls World Tour

It's extra tough to be a parent right now. The kids are home when they should be in school, and if mom and dad are working, they're probably trying to do it from home, which can be tough with all the new distractions. It's easy to see why one might consider just dropping them in front of the TV to watch a movie, and this past Friday, mom and dad got a new option with the release of Trolls World Tour.

Trolls World Tour becomes the first film that was scheduled for a theatrical release to drop directly onto digital platforms. It's available as a 48-hour rental for the price of $19.99 and based on social media, it seems clear that a lot of families spent that money to have something new to watch over the weekend, and a lot of parents might now be regretting that decision.

To be sure, a lot of parents are actually talking about how good Trolls World Tour actually is. It's cute, it's fun, it's got a good message that kids should learn. However, as with any good thing, kids can overdo it, and that has led some to have Trolls on the brain.

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When kids find something they like they tend to drive it into the ground. We saw that kids we're going absolutely bonkers for Frozen II when it arrived on Disney+ months ahead of schedule. One gets the feeling many parents were probably glad to have something new to show the little ones with Trolls World Tour making the jump to digital platforms. Of course, then all that really happens is that the kids transition their passion from the one movie to the other.

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Trolls World Tour initially moved up it's theatrical release date to this past Friday after the James Bond movie No Time to Die had made the call to delay opening until November. Then, before movie theaters actually closed, it was announced the film would see a simultaneous theatrical and home release. Though, that would never actually happen since theaters are all currently shuttered.

Of course, if you're a parent that that has been inundated by all things Trolls, there might be a silver lining. Since Trolls World Tour isn't available for purchase, just as a rental, there's a hard stop where parents will no longer have to hear it. Although, as one parent realizes, that might not be a good thing.

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One of the more interesting things about Trolls World Tour is the fact that most critics actually like the film. The movie has reviewed fairly well, (our own review notwithstanding) though audiences seem to not like the film quite as much, and if you're one of those that doesn't care for the movie, then the fact that your kids might love it becomes an even bigger problem.

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Of course, if your kids are going to watch Trolls World Tour several times, it's important to make sure they have the proper context.

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Trolls World Tour features a lot of different styles of music, which means there's probably something there that adults will enjoy. One certainly hopes so if so many of us are going to be hearing the movie over and over and over again.

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