Watch Young Musicians Play The Avengers’ Theme Song From Isolation, And Try Not To Cry

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As rough as it can be to be stuck in one's home for weeks on end, one of the blessings of our modern world is the fact that we can all still be connected to one another. The ability to video chat with loved ones who are out of reach is a saving grace at such a hard time, and taking that one step further is the fact that a lot of people are using the technology to get creative and entertain.

Watch parties with directors of excellent movies have become a big thing, as have video chat reunions between former co-stars, but what we have for you today feels a bit more special than that. Specifically, the Virtual Youth Orchestra has organized an effort to get 206 young musicians stuck at home to play Alan Silvestri's theme song from Marvel Studios' The Avengers. Give it a watch now, and try not to try.

Since being posted earlier today, the video has been signal boosted by the official Avengers Twitter account, which retweeted with the message "Taking 'Assemble' to a whole new level."

Unfortunately the original posting doesn't say how this effort to organize a virtual performance came to be, but we can assume that it wasn't something that was recorded live (I'm not sure it's actually possible to get 206 individuals into a single video chat). Regardless, the editor of the piece deserves a lot of credit for putting the whole thing together, because whether it was a job requiring stitching all of the videos together, or stitching a collection of group sessions, it still must have been an effort.

In addition to simply being a lot of fun to see a bunch of kids come together during a crisis and create something so epic, this video also very much speaks to the power of Alan Silvestri's Avengers theme. In the last eight years it has become an extremely recognizable piece of music as Marvel's team of mighty heroes have dominated pop culture, but more important from a psychological standpoint is the fact that it's a piece of music that feels synonymous with the word "hope." That's something that we very much need during what is a very scary time, and while we can't have any expectations of Iron Man and Captain America swooping in to save the day in this reality, it's still nice to get the feeling.

For those of you who who are now feeling the itch to experience the full power of all the Avengers scores, not only are they all available to purchase on CD and on MP3, but you can also just stream all of the films if you are a Disney+ subscriber (and if you don't have a subscription already, you can use this link for a free 7-day trial to the streaming service.)

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