Awesome Venom 3 Fan Art Gives Spider-Man His Symbiote Suit

Black Suit Spider-Man

We are not a patient society. As a movie-loving audience, we haven’t even yet seen Venom 2 (as director Andy Serkis is hard at work on the anticipated sequel). But one fan online already is projecting to a dream throwdown that they’d love to see in Venom 3… and it includes Spider-Man in his trademark black symbiote suit.

The user Ultraraw26 posted this original fan artwork on Instagram, projecting his hope for some symbiote madness in a future team up movie:

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And if you follow Spider-Man in the pages of Marvel Comics, then you know that going all in on the symbiote is a wise strategy. The alien symbiote was first brought to Earth by Peter Parker after he participated in the Secret Wars. But the origin of the symbiote has been expanded and altered so that it better fit the history of Eddie Brock, the reporter portrayed by Tom Hardy in the first Venom movie.

In time, the Spider-Man comics went full bore into symbiote stories. Venom and Carnage built huge followings. There were multiple symbiote-infused characters. And the “Maximum Carnage” storyline probably ranks as one of the most memorable chapters in contemporary Spidey history. You can understand why fans would like to see one version of that story play out on the big screen.

We have one half of the equation featured in the above fan art coming to theaters in Venom 2. At the end of Venom, director Ruben Fleischer introduced audiences to Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson), who will go on to become “infected” by the symbiote and form the supervillain Carnage. That’s happening in the upcoming Venom 2.

Remember this scene?

The hook, though, would be luring Tom Holland over to the Sony side of the production equation. Holland remains on loan to Marvel Studios, where his Spider-Man can interact with all the MCU characters. And so far, there hasn’t been a mention of the symbiote that turned Brock (Tom Hardy) into Venom. But eventually, one would assume that Sony will being Spider-Man back into the world that they are creating, meaning Holland can fight Hardy and Harrelson… and whomever else has been introduced into the on-screen world by then.

Hollywood’s release schedule is on shuffle at the moment, but we know that Sony plans to release both Venom 2 and a Morbius movie with Jared Leto in the lead. After that, there will be a third Spider-Man solo movie in the MCU. Will it start to build a bridge to the Sony side of the current storytelling? We should know more in months.

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