Harry Potter's Tom Felton Dropped An Artsy Shirtless Photo Because Why Not?

Tom Felton in final Harry Potter movie

There are rare occasions in life when something happens that bring joy. As Marie Kondo would say, if it’s not bringing you joy, you should discard it, but one thing bringing me joy this week is Harry Potter and Arrow-verse actor Tom Felton, who took a cool artsy photo – shirtless – on social media this week and shared it for the world, for no reason at all. Except it was pretty cool.

The actor took to Instagram to share a black and white photo of himself also taking a picture at the time the image was shot. You know someone’s going for artsy when they go the black-and-white route, but as the whole, the shoot shows Felton’s love for both photography and lounging around in the comfiest clothes, as we are all wont to do when being oh-so-casual.

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I mean, I don’t expect him to be off doing crazy workouts like the salmon ladders his Arrow-verse co-star Stephen Amell does, but Hollywood keeps you fit. His other co-star Grant Gustin even commented on the photo and it’s nice that they seem to be keeping up.

This isn’t the first time Tom Felton has shared his interest in photography with fans, as he has quite a few posts devoted to himself and cameras, often presented with minimal comment. The Harry Potter actor also seems to enjoy keeping up with that fanbase. He’s still friends, in fact, with Emma Watson and some of the rest of the cast. He also shares plenty of nostalgia-oriented and/or behind-the-scenes looks from his time filming with Daniel Radcliffe and co. with his fanbase as well.

I think a lot of us would eventually like to see the major members of the Harry Potter franchise reunite, perhaps for a big screen version of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. (I know, I know, it’s not happening.) Tom Felton has previously said he’s “endlessly proud” of the character and would be happy to one day make a return and I know he's not the only Harry Potter franchise alum who feels that way.

In the meantime, Felton has a couple of movie projects in the works right now, including Braking For Whales, which is one of a few movies that are coming out on time right now thanks to being a VOD release. You can take a first look at that movie, an indie where Felton and his sister go on a trip to place their mother’s ashes inside of a whale, below.

Now, I’d like to see a photograph of that.

You can catch Braking For Whales starting on April 24 only on VOD. And stayed tuned to Tom Felton's social media for other artsy photos, throwback Harry Potter stuff, oh, and did I mention his adorable dog?

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