With Walt Disney World And Disneyland Closed, Star Wars Fans Finding Galaxy’s Edge Drinks In Stores

Galaxy's Edge Cokes

The planet Batuu is empty right now. Both Walt Disney World and Disneyland are closed and that means nobody is visiting Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, a place that, only a few months ago had the most popular theme park ride in the country that was the hottest ticket around. Now, with the land closed, it looks like the local restaurants of Batuu are hurting as much as the ones around the country, as Galaxy's Edge is now apparently exporting its beverages off world.

A Twitter called EscapedStitch posted a number of images over the weekend that showed that a small local grocery in Alabama had received a shipment of the Coca-Cola products that are supposed to be exclusive to the Disney theme parks. Check out the images below.

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Of all the cool and interesting things to eat and drink at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, one of the most interesting is actually the Coke products. The company, which uses the shape of Coke bottles as a major part of its marketing, agreed to sell Coke products inside Galaxy's Edge using an entirely different bottle, which in itself feels like a major coup. They're spheres that resemble Star Wars thermal detonators.

At this point, it looks like the Cokes have only been found in this one store. If they're being shipped elsewhere, nobody else is posting about it. There's a number of theories about how this store could have ended up with some of the bottles . The most obvious situation is that, with the theme parks closed, there's simply a surplus of the bottles, and so the decision was made to sell them at retail rather than let them go to waste. Certainly, the bottles have a limited shelf life so at some point they will go bad.

Even if that expiration won't be for a while, one assumes Disney Parks' deal with Coke has them shipping large quantities of the stuff that now isn't being consumed. The best case scenario is a surplus of product that would last for a pretty long time.

Of course, if this was the case, we'd expect to see these drinks in more than just a single store, and so far, that hasn't happened.

Some commentators on the images have other ideas why the Galaxy's Edge Cokes may have shown up in just this one store. Some theorize that there were issues with some of the early drinks, that led to them going flat faster than normal, and these might be remnants of the "defective" design. Another person suggests that the Alabama Coke Bottling Plant may have sold the drinks to the store directly after they were returned or a pallet was missed in a shipment.

Whatever the reason for the drinks showing up, they're apparently already gone. The person who posted the original images later reported that somebody apparently came in and bought up the entire stock.

Honestly, even if it's just a Coke, which doesn't taste any different than the normal thing, drinking one of the Galaxy's Edge Cokes sounds perfect right about now. It might mentally transport you to Galaxy's Edge, a place that a lot of people would love to visit, but can't right now.

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