Wow, Mickey Rourke’s Movie Has Finished Filming Despite Sets Being Shut Down All Over The World

Warhunt Mickey Rourke in a dimly lit office, wearing an eyepatch

A lot of projects that were supposed to shoot, wrap or even be released in 2020 unfortunately haven’t had the chance to cross the finish line, as current events shut down sets for TV and movie projects alike around the world. And yet, somehow, Iron Man 2 star Mickey Rourke’s latest film, Warhunt, found a way. It was a very restrictive way, but those involved still got the job done.

According to Variety, the Mickey Rourke-starring film concluded its scheduled shoot in Latvia, in compliance with the Latvian government’s strict guidelines for operating its set. In addition to the common sense measure of wearing masks and gloves, everyone on Warhunt’s set were subject twice a day to temperature checks, as well as had to engage in rigorous disinfecting, and, of course, social distancing behaviors.

This was on top of rearranging the shooting schedule for Warhunt so that Mickey Rourke could film his part before the eventual closure of Latvia’s borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It eventually led to director Mauro Borrelli completing his film, which sounds like a wild ride and a half for the audiences who are looking for something exciting to debut on the horizon.

Warhunt's story sounds very similar to that of the film Overlord, as Mickey Rourke's character is part of a team of US soldiers trapped in World War II Germany, only to discover that witches are real and gunning for them. While it’s not an exact match for Overlord’s tale of secret experiments and science gone wrong, it’s pretty close with the usage of magic replacing science as the cause of the US Army’s woes.

It’s pretty amazing to read about how Warhunt actually finished its production, both with a ticking clock of border closure and intense adaptation to the routine of all on the set. With a lot of major films having to shut down in the middle of production, and full seasons of television needing to be delayed due to un-filmed episodes being stuck in the queue, the fact that Mickey Rourke and his co-workers could seal the deal is pretty impressive.

Which poses another pretty big question: if Warhunt could finish its shooting schedule on time, even in the face of the coronavirus, could it be one of the few films that still gets released in 2020? While theater closures will make any sort of theatrical exhibition questionable, a streaming debut could make Warhunt into an unexpected hit with viewers who are tired of renting or streaming the same movies on a loop.

No release date for Warhunt has been specified, but it could be assumed that the picture will find its way to audiences whenever it sees fit, as it’s an example of the spirit of independent film that’s thrived in this new and unpredictable climate.

Mike Reyes
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