One Problem With Signing A Guy Like Chris Hemsworth On For A Movie Like Extraction

Extraction Chris Hemsworth bloodied and dirty

You’ve seen the trailers, and undoubtedly heard the talk around the town that director Sam Hargrave’s Extraction is an action packed ride. Explosions, close quarters combat, and tons of gunplay litter this latest Chris Hemsworth vehicle, and the man who most know as the MCU’s Thor is obviously game for whatever is thrown at him. But, as Hargrave confessed in a recent interview, nothing in the world can dilute one of Hemsworth’s killer attributes: his obscenely beautiful self.

During an interview covering Extraction, Sam Hargrave committed to public record something that anyone who knows and loves Chris Hemsworth could tell you:

No matter how much dirt or blood you put on Chris Hemsworth, there’s no getting around it: he is devilishly handsome.

These remarks given to The Guardian are not only insanely entertaining, they’re pretty much an acknowledged truth. Extraction only finds itself as the latest in a long line of projects that the middle Hemsworth brother has taken, bringing his killer delivery, action chops, and good looks along for the ride.

The problem with this, naturally, is the fact that you’re supposed to see your hero beaten and distressed in a film like Extraction. Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake, while definitely a bad ass who can handle himself, really needs to go through the ringer to sell the severity of the situation he encounters as he’s trying to save a drug lord’s son. But how distressed can you look when you’re a specimen as handsome as a Hemsworth?

To be fair, this theory needs some further verification, just in case you Chris Hemsworth fans thought there was any doubt to this theory. Take into consideration, in addition to the Extraction header photo we’ll label as Exhibit A, this shot of Avengers: Endgame’s Fat Thor, which will now be known as Exhibit B.

Avengers: Endgame Fat Thor wields Stormbreaker and Mjolnir

It could be the thundery glow, or even the stoic way he holds Stormbreaker in this particular still, but Chris Hemsworth as Bro Thor is still pretty handsome. But what if he were totally emaciated, with overgrown hair, and a spray tan that made him look like he was lost at sea?

Consider Exhibit C, this Instagram photo from when Hemsworth looked exactly like that in his preparations for director Ron Howard’s drama In the Heart of the Sea.

A photo posted by on

Yeah, the man still looks “devilishly handsome” as Sam Hargrave claims. While the ending to Extraction may be purposely ambiguous, the fact that Chris Hemsworth is still a crowd pleaser, even while caked with fake blood and dirt, is not. Maybe we’ll just have to accept the fact that like many other famous vampires in this world, there’s just no end to the Hemsworth charms.

Feel free to try and find evidence contrary to this fact, as Extraction is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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