Asking The Important Questions: Will Chris Hemsworth's Thor Still Be Fat In Thor: Love And Thunder?

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Avengers: Endgame shielded a lot of secrets ahead of its premiere, but perhaps the biggest surprise of the film was also one of its funniest. Once the Avengers started re-teaming in an effort to reverse "The Blip" (or whatever people want to call it), viewers were introduced to Chris Hemsworth's "Fat Thor." The hero of the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder really let himself go while his Avenger friends were out helping the world.

Thor had been spending less time fighting injustice and battling gym equipment, and a lot more time drinking beer and playing Fortnite. The non-heroic hiatus took a toll on his godly physique, and his six-pack turned into a pretty hefty keg belly when he linked back up with the team. Beyond the physical changes, Thor was also something of a broken man, scarred by the events of the past and partially robbed of the charisma and confidence he's known for.

For all his self-doubt, Thor was one of the shining spots of Avengers: Endgame, and MCU fans love Fat Thor (or Bro Thor). The question, though, is whether we will we see that version of him again in Thor: Love and Thunder, or we'll learn that the Thicc God of Thunder a thing of the past. Here's a reminder of what led to the transformation, and what I'm thinking will happen with Fat Thor in the MCU.

Fat Thor Avengers: Endgame

How Fat Thor Happened In Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame showed the aftermath, but the real story behind Fat Thor started in Avengers: Infinity War. Thor had just arrived in the battle of Wakanda, and though Thanos was powerful, the villain was no match for the Asgardian while he was wielding Stormbreaker. Despite all Thanos' powers, Thor managed to break through and gravely wound the Mad Titan. Unfortunately, Thanos still had enough strength to snap his fingers and erase half of all life in existence. As Thanos said, he "should've gone for the head."

Thor, obviously devastated that he failed in his chance to stop Thanos and failed, did not make the same mistake twice. Thor went to space with Captain Marvel and other Avengers and eventually did decapitate the villain, but ultimately couldn't bring back the scores of lives that were lost because of Thanos' actions. Killing Thanos did nothing, and Thor soon realized he didn't feel any better afterward.

He could've found a way to press forward and find some acceptance in his actions, but instead, Thor numbed himself in excessive drinking, eating, and video games and became a person who only defended his friends when they were being harassed online by kids playing the same video games. His failure broke him, and it wasn't until the Avengers went about their plan of reversing the Snap that audiences saw Chris Hemsworth's character begin to resemble his former self.

By the end of Avengers: Endgame, Thor was seemingly back to the headspace he was once at, but obviously had some work to do physically to get his God Bod back. He departed with the Guardians of the Galaxy, with the implication being that he would hang with them for a bit before his next adventure. There was no mention of his plans after that, which brings us to the burning question of what will happen to Fat Thor in the future.

Thor Avengers: Endgame

Will Thor Still Be Fat In Thor: Love And Thunder?

Assuming the Guardians don't tag along with Thor indefinitely, there's still a question of where he'll end up ahead of Thor: Love and Thunder. It feels like Marvel's initial plan was to produce Guardians of the Galaxy 3 not long after Avengers: Endgame, but plans obviously changed when Disney initially fired James Gunn. Filming on Guardians of the Galaxy 3 was delayed, and it didn't resume until Gunn's rehiring, and also after a release date was set for Thor: Love and Thunder.

According to James Gunn, Thor: Love and Thunder happens before Guardians of the Galaxy 3, which leaves a lot of options on where Chris Hemsworth's next Thor film will pick up in the hero's life. He could go on a whole adventure with the Guardians and arrive back on Earth a year later looking fit. Or, and this sounds more on point for director Taika Watiti, they could've dumped Thor from their ship within minutes of his arrival, leaving Thor: Love and Thunder to pick up just after Avengers: Endgame, with Fat Thor still intact.

If there's a sizable gap of time between Avengers: Endgame and Thor: Love and Thunder, I don't think it's crazy to believe Thor will drop the weight. Thor regained a handle on his existence within the movie, and with his confidence back, I'm sure the God of Thunder will whip himself back into shape with a renewed passion. (After just one more milkshake.) He may even do it just to piss off Peter Quill and make him feel inferior, seemingly something he enjoyed in Avengers: Infinity War.

Another big question: what will Chris Hemsworth's Thor do to lose the worthiness to wield Mjolnir? That's how the comics set things up so that Jane Foster (Natalie Portman in the MCU) could assume the title of The Mighty Thor, so it's probable the MCU will follow suit and pass that mighty mantle to Foster. Could Thor's weight and slothiness end up being the reason he loses his godly role?

Probably not, especially considering Thor was able to use Mjolnir even when he was flabby in order to threaten gamers online. It's possible Thor could do something much more detrimental in order to lose his place, which happened in the first Thor, though his ability to be an Avengers-worthy hero doesn't seem to have any bearing on his physical fitness. If it's not tied to the story, there aren't a lot of reasons for Thor to hold onto the weight.

Of course, it would be funny to see Jane run into Thor while he's still at peak fluffiness, if only to watch him live out the nightmare that many former couples fear. As funny as that would be, it feels as though the well is dry on jokes that can be made at the expense of Fat Thor. Avengers: Endgame gave us plenty of screen time with that part of Thor, isn't it high time we move onto something else?

Personally, I see Thor losing his flab ahead of Thor: Love and Thunder, with it only being mentioned in passing or in some recurring gag. Taika Waititi is a comedic mastermind, and chances are he'll want to hit on some fresh stuff with Thor rather than revisiting an Avengers: Endgame joke that folks may already be tired of. Obviously I have no way of knowing for sure, but my money is on Fat Thor not being around in Thor: Love and Thunder.

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