Johnny Depp's Pal Claims Amber Heard Faked Bloody Nose With Red Nail Polish

Johnny Depp staring intently in Pirates Of The Caribbean.

The animosity between former spouses Johnny Depp and Amber Heard isn’t showing any signs of letting up. New accusations are coming out on a what feels like a weekly basis, and there’s still no end in sight to the legal proceedings. The latest accusation comes from Josh Richman, a longtime friend of Depp. He claims the actor has a Kleenex covered in red nail polish, which Heard allegedly tried to claim was blood following an altercation with her then-husband.

Richman, who has reportedly been close friends with Depp for over 30 years, discussed the Kleenex during a deposition that was acquired by The Blast. The portion made public mostly focuses on Depp and Heard’s wedding, and more specifically, it focuses on Richman’s perspective that those close to the actor were not happy about his upcoming marriage. Here’s a portion of his quote…

We, and certainly I knew from Johnny that prior to the wedding that on a night they had an argument, Johnny recounted to me, Amber went into the bathroom, and came out with a Kleenex with red on it, saying he had given her a bloody nose. But after the incident, he retrieved the Kleenex, which he says he still has to this day. Amber had placed red nail polish on the Kleenex.

Now, there are a few important things worth pointing out here. First, this statement is essentially hearsay. Richman wasn’t a witness to this alleged incident, and apart from maybe seeing the Kleenex, he doesn’t have any evidence it actually happened, outside of Depp’s word, who he clearly believes. Second, however, the above story is the latest in a series that have come from Depp’s associates, and they seem indicative of a group of people who clearly never seemed to trust Heard. Or apparently her friends.

In Richman’s deposition, he also recounts an altercation prior to the wedding in which Heard’s friends iO Tillett Wright and Rocky Pennington allegedly got into a physical altercation over preparations for the event. The fight reportedly resulted in some guests calling iO “I Slap Rocky”, a reference to popular musician ASAP Rocky. He also discusses how the rest of Depp’s friends were apparently very squeamish about the marriage before the couple even said their I dos. Here’s another quote…

The general view of his friends, which I shared although we hardly knew the full details then, were that Amber Heard emotionally abused and tormented Johnny, cut him away from his real friends, and was emotionally cruel to him. He always seemed to live in fear of how she would act if he ever tried to break up with her. His family, friends, and I always felt he succumbed to Amber's demand that he marry her for this reason among others like it.

For those of you who aren’t caught up on this whole story, here’s quick recap. Heard and Depp dated and then married in the Bahamas back in 2015. The marriage was tumultuous almost from the start. They later separated and both sides claimed abuse, cheating and a variety of other upsetting things. The case seemed to die down after the divorce was finalized, but it exploded into a lawsuit after Heard wrote an editorial claiming she was the victim of abuse. She didn’t point the finger directly at Depp in the story, but that’s the inference most people took and legal action quickly followed. Now many of the couple’s famous friends have been dragged into the mess, and depositions are still ongoing.

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