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Dwayne Johnson Blames Ryan Reynolds For All The Takes They Ruined On The Set Of Netflix's Red Notice

Dwayne Johnson Hobbs & Shaw

One of the most star studded films that had to cease production during the global shutdown had to be Red Notice, which stars Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. The movie was filming for about six weeks before things had to be stopped, but recently Ryan Reynolds said that the movie maybe wasn't as far along in filming as it could have been because Reynolds and Johnson were having a bit too good a time making the movie together, and many takes ended in laughter. Now, Dwayne Johnson is setting the record straight, and he's blaming Ryan Reynolds.

In a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Dwayne Johnson says that the ruined takes of Red Notice are all mostly Ryan Reynolds fault, as he continually tried, and succeeded, in making Johnson break out in hysterics. According to The Rock...

A lot of the movie a lot of the first six weeks of the movie was just Ryan and I. Man I’d like to think that I am a profession and I’m disciplined. Oh my god, I never laughed so hard… It got to a point where he would say something and then I would say something and then he would say it in a way he knew that I liked, which is actually needling me when the camera is on me. I’d be like I gotta, fuck – excuse my language – that’s it! It all comes out. It was horrible.

Ryan Reynolds spoke a bit in his own previous Tonight Show appearance about how he would apparently repeat Dwayne Johnson's words back to him, but give the line faster, and usually add swear words, and this would leave Johnson laughing too hard to continue.

That's not the only thing Reynolds was doing however. The Jumanji actor says Reynolds had another trick that would get to him every time. Johnson goes on...

He’s going to kill me for this but he did this thing where it was my close-up and we’re having an intense conversation and I said something. He looked at me, I gave him my response, boom, and he goes [moans pitifully]. It was the weirdest. I was bent over so hard laughing at him. But you know what, we had the best time.

If Red Notice turns out to be as much fun for the rest of us as it apparently has been for Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds, then we're in for a treat. The duo showed they've got solid chemistry in Reynolds' Hobbs & Shaw cameo. It's not clear just how funny Red Notice is supposed to be, but these days if you're casting Ryan Reynolds it seems like comedy is at least one intentional element.

If you're wondering where Gal Gadot was during all this, it seems she wasn't there. The first six weeks of filming was almost exclusively Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson together without Gadot. That's likely just a quirk of the filming schedule. One assumes she'll become part of the fun when the movie goes back into production.

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