Of Course Ryan Reynolds Now Has A Perfect Westminster Dog Show Ad

Ryan Reynolds Westminster Dog Show Aviation Gin
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When it comes to ads, Ryan Reynolds has a gift. Look no further than his hilarious promo for Free Guy, which took aim at awards-season. The actor is bringing his comedic skills to an ad for the Westminster Dog Show, and what follows is perfection! Still, you may be wondering. What does Reynolds have to do with the famous dog show?

Ryan Reynolds is bringing together his Aviation Gin brand and the Westminster Dog Show. The unlikely duo is the reason for the ad, which features Reynolds front-and-center. Make sure you are in a space that is safe to laugh out loud in because it will almost assuredly have that effect on you. Check it out:

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Did you feel “the sensation” of that ad? Ryan Reynolds never fails to get a laugh out of me, and this commercial for Aviation Gin’s Westminster Dog Show cocktail “The Sensation” proved to be no exception. In it, anchors can be heard talking up the “dog” ready to put their best paw forward.

Then Ryan Reynolds comes out as said “dog’s” handler, only he is not showing off man’s best friend. The actor is instead parading around Aviation Gin’s “The Sensation.” Reynolds gives the peace sign a-go as he struts alongside the dangling adult beverage, begging the question: Will this ad go viral? It is definitely funny enough to, in my opinion.

This ad for Aviation Gin and the Westminster Dog Show comes mere months after Ryan Reynolds seized the moment surrounding the controversial Peloton ad. He ended up casting actress Monica Ruiz, who played “Peloton wife” in the commercial, in an ad for Aviation Gin. Reynolds reached out to her soon after the ad went viral, and he later revealed why.

It turns out that Ryan Reynolds was motivated out of empathy. He has had his own rough experiences with projects not landing and felt for the Peloton actress as a result. Speaking of, there is no Peloton in sight in his ad for the Westminster Dog Show and Aviation Gin’s team-up. The same cannot be said for the actor who played “Peloton husband.” He gave his real-life girlfriend one for Christmas.

As for the Westminster Dog Show ad, Ryan Reynolds got two ads with one dog biscuit. He promoted Aviation Gen’s new cocktail and the upcoming airing of the Westminster Dog Show. The 144th installment of the competition will reveal Best in Show on Tuesday, February 11.

I do not know about you, but I could go for Ryan Reynolds doing commentary for the Westminster Dog Show. Unless he did one and I missed it? If not, he could certainly bring something to the annual event, which aims to name the Best in Show. Yes, that is also the name of Christopher Guest’s 2000 movie.

Find out who wins 2020’s title when the annual event bows! The Westminster Dog Show airs this winter on Tuesday, February 11, at 7 p.m. ET on FS1 (Fox Sports 1). You can watch Ryan Reynolds in an array of films on Netflix, including 6 Underground. It is streaming alongside 2020’s content.

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