Anna Kendrick Says She’ll 'Tear Your Face Off' If She Doesn't Eat As Soon As She Wakes Up

Anna Kendrick

Today is the day I learned that Hollywood star Anna Kendrick and I have something very important in common: We both wake up starving. Mind you, we end up eating completely different things, which is how she still looks like Anna Kendrick, and I more closely resemble the late, great John Candy. But it’s strangely comforting when, during an interview regarding her health and wellness, Kendrick reveals the bodily harm she will inflict if she doesn’t eat immediately after getting out of bed.

We’ve grown to love Anna Kendrick for her snarky, self-deprecating wit. The Pitch Perfect and Up in the Air actress is drop-dead gorgeous, but also so accessibly down-to-earth, you feel like you’d easily get along if you ever got to be besties in real life. Pro tip, though. Make sure you have food handy in the morning, because Kendrick admitted to Shape:

If I don’t eat within five minutes of waking up, I will tear your face off. Honestly, that’s the reason I get out of bed. I always eat the same thing: a vegan Pure Organic Ancient Grain peanut butter bar. But they discontinued it. I have a stockpile of them, and it’s dwindling. I know it isn’t the end of the world, but this bar has been such a part of my daily routine for so long that I’m feeling very unmoored.

Someone better get those breakfast bars back into production, stat, because we can’t have Anna Kendrick running out of her favorite breakfast food, people. Faces will get torn off.

We have all been in that situation before, particularly during these difficult times of stay-at-home. We have a favorite food. We’re running out of that food, but we know that a trip to the grocery store isn’t in the cards. What the hell do you want Anna Kendrick to do, folks? Scramble an egg? GTFO.

Kendrick needs her energy. She’s actually remaining incredibly busy in 2020, even as production schedules grind to a halt. The actress made the press rounds recently in support of her upcoming HBO Max series Love Life. But in addition, she recently did a Quibi series, Dummy, where she played an aspiring writer who goes on a road trip with a sex doll. You read that correctly. And early this year, she once again lent her voice to Poppy for the animated sequel Trolls World Tour.

The next movie we expect to see Anna Kendrick in (and not just hear her) is Joe Penna’s Stowaway, about someone who stows away on a manned mission to Mars, causing all sorts of chaos. The movie co-stars Toni Collett and Daniel Dae Kim, and while it is in post-production at the moment, it doesn’t yet have a release date. Bookmark our Movie Release Calendar to stay up on the latest date shifts and announcements as they happen.

Sean O'Connell
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