5 Marvel Characters Margot Robbie Would Be Perfect To Play

Margot Robbie in Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey

If there is one thing most of us can agree on in regards to the movies involved in the DC Extended Universe, Margot Robbie practically IS Harley Quinn. The infectious energy, impassioned devotion, and unmistakable Brooklynite accent that she brings to the role in both Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey is the kind of comic book movie portrayal that we only get to see every so often. It even posits the thought of what she could bring the table in the Marvel movies.

Of course, given her popularity with the DC crowd, it is more than likely the case that the ship has sailed on the chance for the two-time Academy Award-nominated actress to breathe life into a Marvel character for a long awaited introduction into the MCU any time in the near future. However, in retrospect, if Laurence Fishburne can appear in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and then star in Ant-Man and the Wasp two years later and, on the flipside, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje can play a Dark Elf in Thor: The Dark World before playing Suicide Squad's Killer Croc, why can’t Margot Robbie do the same?

In fact, I can already think of an unfathomable amount of characters from the Marvel comic book universe who have yet to see the light of the MCU and whom Margot Robbie would be the ideal casting choice to bring to the big screen (or small screen, even). Of course, for the purposes of remaining concise, I have narrowed this particular selection down to just five. Could any of these four superheroes and one usual villain be the character that gives the DC movie actress a chance to be the best of both worlds?

Marvel's mutant musician Dazzler


As soon as she walked into frame as Naomi Lapaglia in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street, it was clear that Margot Robbie was destined to become an icon of fashion with how easily she could perfect any look. Admittedly, fashion is not a characteristic as commonly associated with Dazzler, whose ability to create light out of sound earned her a place among the X-Men and a singing career, but her sense of fashion is undeniably iconic to the comic book world and one that the Australian actress could bring a modern flair to on the big screen flawlessly. Not to mention, Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey revealed Robbie's hidden talent for song, which only makes this role of a mutant also known for her prolific singing career all the more fitting.

Black Cat in Spider-Man Playstation game

Black Cat

At first glance, it may seem out of place for Margot Robbie, who has a good six years on Tom Holland (who already looks far younger than he is), to play Felicia Hardy, who is known to have a bad case of the hots for Spider-Man. Nonetheless, the MCU is famously and, yet, often respectfully, loose with the rules and could redefine Marvel's platinum blonde response to Catwoman as, perhaps, an unlikely mentor or, better yet, a reluctant collaborator whom Peter Parker finds himself crushing on in an intriguing role reversal. Or, maybe it is time to give Black Cat, a hero with a past for burglary, her own movie and what better way to get audiences excited for that than Robbie as the lead?

Ice cold X-Men adversary Emma Frost

Emma Frost

While Harley Quinn already had a healthy legion of fans prior to 2016's Suicide Squad thanks to an impressive introduction on Batman: The Animated Series that led to several canon comic book appearances and her own series, Margot Robbie's portrayal managed to help widen that margin with a certain charm that made the otherwise mentally disturbed villain extremely appealing. Perhaps she could bring that same kind of spark to the role of Emma Frost that January Jones, arguably, could not in X-Men: First Class. Also known as the White Queen, the blonde Frost lives up to her name with some, literally, icy abilities that she has been known to use both against, or, in some cases, even alongside, the X-Men.

The green goddess She-Hulk


There is probably not a soul in the world who wants to see Margot Robbie's flawless appearance altered any further than her Harley Quinn makeup already has, but the unorthodox nature of the mere idea has intriguing enough to inspire the recommendation that she play a comic book characters no one seems to have suggested her to play thus far. Not to mention, any chance to see the Aussie kick ass on screen is always going to be welcome and few Marvel heroines handle their own quite like Jennifer Walters, better known as She-Hulk. Bruce Banner's permanently green and almost equally strong cousin has yet to be cast for her upcoming solo TV series on Disney+ and if Robbie could fit it into her schedule, her looks and talent may be just what the character needs to really shine.

Susan Storm in the animated series, Fantastic Four

Invisible Woman

Suppose you predicted this casting selection based on the fact that Margot Robbie is one of the top actresses in Hollywood best recognized for her blonde hair. It would probably not be very fair to hold such an assumption against you, given how the Invisible Woman has a similar reputation in Marvel comics, right down to the acting career.

It is Margot Robbie's knack for portraying strong, absorbing female characters who standout well amongst a male-dominated cast that would make her a great Susan Storm-Richard and help ensure the Fantastic Four's introduction into the MCU would be a worthy return to the big screen, making comic book aficionados proud to be fans of Marvel's first family again.

So, what do you think? Would any of these Marvel beauties serve as the perfect vessel for Margot Robbie’s introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or should I just realize that nothing is going to top her Harley Quinn performance? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for updates on the Australian actress as well as more hypothetical casting sessions here on CinemaBlend.

Jason Wiese
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