Alita: Battle Angel Producer Sends A Funny Message To Fans Demanding That Alita Sequel

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As the faithful internet fans who’ve demanded HBO Max release the Snyder Cut of Justice League have finally had their wish granted, there’s an equally dedicated fanbase that has called for Alita: Battle Angel to get a sequel. Providing some more of the inspiration he always has, producer Jon Landau has sent the Alita Army a funny message that hits upon two very important subjects near and dear to his heart.

On his official Instagram platform, Jon Landau broadcasted his message, with the following t-shirt:

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Obviously when it comes to landing an Alita: Battle Angel sequel, that’s something that Jon Landau himself has spoken towards in the past. And just as he said to the people before, there’s going to have to be some unavoidable noise aimed at the Disney executives who make such decisions.

But naturally, Jon Landau is also a proponent of hygienic safety during the current health crisis that’s ravaging the world. Much as he has been doing in the past couple of weeks, he showed off this message on his t-shirt as well, telling folks not only to demand that Alita: Battle Angel sequel, but to also wash their hands.

Those subjects certainly haven’t gone out of style, as the health crisis and the potential for another Alita: Battle Angel film are both constant wells of reaction on the internet. This might be one of the last free moments Jon Landau gets to send out these fun messages, as production on the film that makes up his day job, Avatar 2, is about to resume filming again.

With a December 2021 release date to keep in view, the first of several sequels in James Cameron’s Avatar franchise was underway with production before having to shut down. But as we saw most recently, the teasing has begun pertaining to Jon Landau and James Cameron’s return to working on the next chapter of Pandorian history. That’s looked to be quite a wet enterprise, as underwater filming has occupied a lot of the latest phase of Avatar 2’s production.

Much as the Alita Army has in the past, it’s the right time for Alita: Battle Angel’s fans to keep raising the profile of this potential sequel. With many charities looking for contributions to combat the current worldwide health crisis, the philanthropic backbone of this powerful fan collective has plenty of chances to keep the message growing, while helping those in need.

In the meantime, everyone should be washing their hands, and renting or streaming Alita: Battle Angel, as the battles in support of an Alita sequel and keeping hygienic can be fought at the same time! Meanwhile, Avatar 2 is currently slated to come out on December 17, 2021.

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