Tom Cruise's Space Movie With Elon Musk Has Taken A Big Step Forward

Edge of Tomorrow Tom Cruise fights his way through explosions with a mech suit

When you’re someone as iconic as Tom Cruise, you know who the folks you love to work with truly are. And while the Mission: Impossible actor has built big relationships with directors like Christopher McQuarrie and Joseph Kosinski. when it comes to his new untitled space movie, Cruise has apparently tapped another frequent and beloved collaborator. American Made collaborator Doug Liman has been installed as the director of this Elon Musk-enhanced film.

Deadline gained the inside tip on Doug Liman’s hiring, as the man behind Edge of Tomorrow has been recruited to join Tom Cruise’s team on this exciting new project. Seeing as this untitled project is the first blockbuster movie to be shot in outer space, this pretty much makes Liman the first director to make such a film in the final frontier.

Doug Liman’s directing skills have been in the Tom Cruise rotation since the two teamed on the 2014 sci-fi success that eventually came out of Edge of Tomorrow. So right now’s probably a good time to start addressing the mech suit in the room right now, as we have to ask whether or not the sequel we’ve been waiting almost a decade for is finally making some massive moves to becoming a reality.

It’s unfortunately hard to say yes or no for sure, as not only is this new film being kept close to the chest in terms of story details, but at the moment, it’s an independent production. Without the backing of Warner Bros being announced, it sounds like this outer space caper is a fresh prospect rather than a follow-up to the adventures of Tom Cruise’s Major Bill Cage. So unless Emily Blunt is randomly announced as the next star on the picture, this is a possibility we’ll shelve for the time being.

Right now, all we know for sure is that Tom Cruise and Elon Musk’s Space-X are teaming up to make this film, and NASA is apparently really jazzed about this project. With Doug Liman’s hiring as director, no further clues can be gleaned as to what this untitled space action-adventure movie is actually about.

This film is obviously going to take some time to get into production, as naturally Tom Cruise’s most immediate commitments belong to the next two Mission: Impossible sequels. But on the other side of the equation, oug iman has his own project to bring on home, as his long-suffering film Chaos Walking is prepared to lose its previous branding as an “unreleaseable” film in January 2021.

More specifically, you can see Chaos Walking when it’s released on January 22, 2021; provided, of course, that the massive shuffling of the Lionsgate release schedule doesn’t change those plans in the near future.

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