Ben Affleck Has Already Introduced New Girlfriend Ana De Armas To His Kids With Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas dating in 2020

Ferris Bueller once talked about life moving fast and in the case of Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas, that seems to be holding particularly true. Just a few short weeks after Affleck and de Armas seemingly made their burgeoning relationship official, she’s already met the kids. That is the children Ben Affleck had during his previous marriage to Jennifer Garner.

Over the weekend, Ben Affleck apparently was spending time with the kids in Los Angeles. It was a bit of a party however, as Affleck was spotted with his three kids, the family dog – who is actually owned by Jennifer Garner – and Ana de Armas. Oh and it’s worth noting the entire Affleck/de Armas outing did wear masks, according to the source reporting to People.

Ben Affleck’s three children with Jennifer Garner include teenaged Violet, who is 14 at the time of this writing. The couple also has a second daughter, Seraphina, aged 11. Their son Sam is 8 years old and is famous for a story Affleck told during a late night appearance in which he admitted to borrowing the Batman costume to try and appeal to his kid.

It’s been pretty common knowledge that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, while not staying together for the kids, have made the attempt to co-parent well together. It took them a while to come to a custody agreement with their divorce, but that seemingly had more to do with Ben Affleck going through a period of rehab during that time, meaning Garner wanted more of the physical custody at the time the divorce was still going through.

More recently, the actress has been supportive of Ben Affleck’s work endeavors, helping him during the process of filming The Way Back when he reportedly slipped with his rehab efforts and even attended a detox session at a rehab center. She’s supposedly even cool with him dating Ana de Armas, and the fact the kids are now spending time with de Armas seems to support that.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I suppose it makes sense for the kids to meet Ana de Armas, who will appear in the upcoming relationship-going-downhill film Deep Water, which is expected to come out later in the year, though theatrical dates are frequently changing right now. Both Affleck and de Armas had been reportedly social isolating together since March, though de Armas didn’t confirm more on social media until earlier this month. Now, it seems they’ve had some time to figure out how serious they’d like to be moving forward.

Still, meeting someone’s kids is a pretty big deal, even if the context is just a simple walk. We’ll keep you posted as the high-profile relationship between the former Batman (or upcoming Batman if you’re considering the revised Snyder Cut) and the new Bond “Woman” progresses.

Jessica Rawden
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