Ben Affleck Got Billed For Stealing Justice League Props

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We all like to bring home souvenirs when we do something cool, and there are few things cooler than playing Batman. Even Ben Affleck seems to realize how awesome his job is, as he recently admitted that he stole batarangs from the set of Justice League. However, it looks like the folks behind the film found out about this minor larceny -- and they even sent him a bill for the modified ninja weapons. Affleck opened up about the experience during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and said:

You can't exactly have been stealing if you got been billed for it, which is what happened to me. Turns out batarangs aren't cheap!

So it's technically not stealing, because he did end up paying for them in the end. During latest Justice League tidbit came from Ben Affleck's recent appearance on _The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. _After some talk about Donald Trump's endorsement of him as Batman in 2013, as well as a discussion of the love Affleck's son has for Flash, the discussion eventually landed on whether or not he stole anything from the set. As it turns out, Affleck TRIED to take these props, but Warner Bros. eventually caught on and forced him to pay for the lost property. Affleck also reportedly took a replica of the suit from his work on Dawn of Justice, so we're kind of starting to wonder if he's planning his own debut as a real-life Caped Crusader.

Assuming batarangs aren't cheap, then we can only wonder how much money Bruce Wayne has spent on them over the years. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's most technical action sequence, he shows no hesitation before throwing them at anyone in sight.

Ben Affleck is not the only member of the Justice League production who took props away from the set. While promoting the movie, Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa similarly spoke out about their time, on set and admitted that they had stolen props related to their respective characters. In the long run, it makes sense. Justice League is a historic moment in the annals of comic book movie history; it would be foolish not to take something away from the experience.

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