Shazam! Star Has A Great Idea For Henry Cavill In The DCEU

Henry Cavill as Superman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Fans on the internet were floating on air this past week when it was reported that Henry Cavill is in talks to return to the DC Extended Universe as Superman. While his comeback isn’t a sure thing just yet, it hasn’t stopped fans from speculating where he can pop up and how he can play a role in the franchise moving forward. Shazam! star John Glover is one of the people excited about Superman’s potential comeback, and he already has an idea that could help usher Cavill back into the shared movie universe.

John Glover is well aware of what’s going on in the DC Extended Universe, including the fact that Warner Bros. is now moving forward with the Snyder Cut. Given that the studio is already pouring money into getting Zack Snyder’s project finished, Glover suggested on Twitter to Shazam! director David F. Sandberg that a change should be made to the film’s final shot:

Most may remember that Shazam! concluded with Billy Batson (as his superhero alter ego) showing up to have lunch with his friend and foster sibling, Freddy, at school. And to Freddy and everyone in the cafeteria’s surprise, the hero was accompanied by Superman.

However, the character’s head was cut from the screen as Henry Cavill didn’t actually reprise the role. Cavill had already stepped away from the part at that point, though there were reportedly efforts to land him an actual cameo in Shazam!.

As most know, Henry Cavill’s Superman hasn’t played a major role in the DC Extended Universe since 2017’s Justice League. That appearance was somewhat controversial due to the CGI work that was done to Cavill’s mustache. Nevertheless, fans are still craving to see him return in a big way.

The upcoming Shazam! sequel appears to be one of the first projects fans want to see him reappear in, and reports indicate that this could very well be a possibility. Despite this, the chances of him appearing in Shazam! offshoot Black Adam are a bit less likely.

Of course, aside from cameos in other DC properties, audiences ultimately want to see the Man of Steel return in his own solo outing. And they’re far from alone in their desire, as Henry Cavill himself also wants a true sequel to Man of Steel. Unfortunately, such a project doesn’t appear to be in the works at this time, as Cavill’s negotiations to return are still in the early phase.

Altering Shazam!’s final shot to actually included Henry Cavill would be a great, but it would probably be difficult to pull off, especially when you consider that Jack Dylan Grazer, who played Freddy, has visibly aged. Still, you can’t help but love John Glover’s enthusiasm about the possibility.

The Shazam! sequel is set to soar into theaters on November 4, 2022.

Erik Swann
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