How Megan Fox Ended Up In Her Underwear In Machine Gun Kelly’s Bloody Valentine Video

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox broke the Internet a little over a week ago thanks to appearing in Machine Gun Kelly’s new “Bloody Valentine” video. It was both a musical departure for the singer and a comeback of sorts for Fox, who also recently split from her husband Brian Austin Green. With dating rumors swirling, there’s actually additional precedent for how Megan Fox ended up in her underwear in the “Bloody Valentine” video.

Mainly, both Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are in a movie together called Midnight in the Switchgrass, which also stars Emile Hirsch, Bruce Willis and Lukas Haas. The director of that film, Randall Emmett, would not confirm the two are dating, but did say that everyone on the set deeply bonded because they have a shared concern: kids. He noted:

Because when you were on a movie set, we’re shooting 14-hour days. That cast is five of us and everybody is friendly but nobody has any time to… It’s more like, in between takes while sitting around talking about our kids. Everybody has got kids, so everybody is talking about their kids.

Speaking with US Weekly, the director and Irishman producer would also confirm the only thing he does know about Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly is that “they were friends on the movie.” This led to MGK asking Megan Fox to join him for the “Bloody Valentine” music video, in which Fox appears holding a hair dryer in front of a bathtub Machine Gun Kelly is singing from.

So, while her appearance seemed to come a little bit out of left field, the two already knew each other and formed a bond before she said “yes” to playing the carefree girl rocking out in her underwear for the new video. Megan Fox features in other prominent scenes in the music video as well, which you can check out below.

Generally, when you spend 14-hour days with a person you tend to get to know them pretty well. In truth, though, they only had a few weeks to get super close--at least on set. Midnight in the Switchgrass began filming in early March before being halted by the industry-wide shutdown on March 16. Since then, it’s been confirmed the two have been spending time together during quarantine and have been spotted picking up takeout and more together.

The whole situation seems to have evolved pretty quickly, as Randall Emmett also confirmed Machine Gun Kelly called him and told him about the video just before it’s surprise drop. He said of the “Bloody Valentine” release:

He called me about four days before the video dropped. And he goes, ‘Yo, I’m dropping this sick video, it’s going to be awesome. And he’s like, ‘Megan’s in it.’ And I was like, ‘Megan who?’ And he’s like, ‘Megan Fox, your star.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh shit.’

At some point Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox will have to get back to work together, so whether or not this is the start of an epic romance or just two friends having some fun, they will be in each others’ lives for at least a little while longer. And we’ll be sure to keep you posted if any more news related to the two breaks.

Meanwhile, Megan Fox’s split from Brian Austin Green was also recently made public and the 90210 actor has spent time trying to explain his feelings and what happened with the former Transformers star.

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